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Kitten w/abnormal uneven ribs

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My kitten is almost 3 months old. I got her and her brother from a horrible breeder when they were 4 weeks old and bottle feed them for weeks. I just recently noted the female kittens ribs. The vet didnt notice this during the original check up and I wanted to know if anyone knew if it was a serious problem.

She is at an angle here but this is how it looks when she it straight too its just hard to see with her spots


From the top of her back and spine the ribs feel normal same as her brothers. From her belly side the left side (her right) is very indented and it almost feels like her ribs end there but they dont. On the other side they look normal. It is very low on the left side and much higher on the right.

She has good energy and eats very well. She does weigh 1 lb less than her brother and they both have runny noises now and are on antibiotics but she has a harder time on a daily basis breathing. However this does not stop her from running around like a wild cat in the jungle.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I would get her checked out. She may have had an accident - been kicked or fallen. It could cause problems if the ribs were broken and haven't healed properly - they could affect the diaphragm and lungs as her internal organs grow. She is so pretty, I love her markings.
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It may or may not affect her growth/development. I'd get a few x-rays and talk to the vet about what it might mean in the future. Hopefully she will grow up pretty normal.
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What breed is she? My Delilah has something like that...something about her sternum not closing properly or something and my vet didn't notice it either...but the breeder told me that she should be fine and it wouldn't affect her health or growth in any adverse way, but I would def. take them to the vet again. Hopefully everything works out. Keep us posted!
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she is a bengal. i have a vet appointment tomorrow morning. we will see what they say.
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she's beautiful...
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I found this thread by doing a search, and it seems almost exactly like my kitten:

I don't see that there was ever a resolution. The person said they were going to the vet, but never said what was wrong. I wish I could figure it out.
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