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High Point NJ

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Monday was a gorgeous day here in jersey. 77 degree weather and I figured I would try and get to one of the most beautiful places before it got to late. I wanted to see how nice the leaves looked and just enjoy a beautiful day out. They could of been prettier but due to the drought color changing around here is not that spectacular. Well a little info on High Point NJ, it is 1,803 feet above sea level at High Point Monument. When you are that high up you have a spectacular view of 3 different areas....Pocono Mts to the west, Catskill Mts to the north, and Wallkill River Valley in the southeast. I got some decent pictures, first ones are of High Point Monument from down below and a few of the trees that were around. We (boyfriend and I) then headed up towards the monument, i almost crashed on the way up because i was in such awe that i forgot to pay attention to the road. Once up i took as many pictures as my batteries would allow me. (things were fully charged, but when i want to take pics they all of a sudden discharge after 5 pics ....time for new ones) Anyways to make this long story short i just wanted everybody to enjoy the views i got to see, i did forget to remember which shot was towards which area so i apologize but heres a quick slideshow. (sorry wasnt sure how to slow the sideshow down.)

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Very nice!!! I'll have to check it out some weekend.
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Great pictures!
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