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Hairball Remedies

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I'm looking for a hairball remedy that's safe to use for the long term. Both my cats are DSH, but both of them are very fastidious and have hairballs pretty much once a week.

Something cheap is preferred. They're very picky eaters, unfortunately.
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vet basis petrolum yet it works
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
vet basis petrolum yet it works
I'm sorry, no idea what you mean by that... re-word it?
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Some dry foods are 'hairball formula' and I'm not sure what that means but it's worth looking into. There are also some treats that I've seen at the store (by Temptations maybe?) that are supposed to be good for preventing hairballs. You give 10 pieces to your kitty every other day.

There is a gel you can use too. There is at least one natural one that I would pick over the other ones (which I think are full of chemicals, like petroleom). My cat doesn't like the gel at all. I haven't tried mixing it into her wet food but I have a feeling that this was a waste of $8. I think Sharky is talking about a brand of the gel that doesn't have petroleom.

Also, just keep up with brushing your kitty as often as possible. My cat has *long* hair so I have to do it every day.
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Most "hariball goops" have petrolum in them( ie vaseline).... Vet basis does not yet works just as well
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I find since we've switched to half wet/half dry my cats haven't been hacking up any hairballs. Which is a miracle in itself because they are Persians! I feed canned Evo and a mix of Nutro and Royal Canin dry. But if your's are picky eaters you may not have a choice to try other choices. Try feeding them a tablespoon of pumpkin ever day too. that may help, if they'll eat it.
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How often should you give the vet basis? Right now, Riley gets the regular gel kind and I give it to him twice a week. Any less than that, and he starts throwing up a hairball. Would twice a week for the vet basis be ok also, or would he need it once a day?

(He still HATES being brushed, and now hisses at the comb when I get it out, which of course makes using it on him lots of fun.... )
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where can you get vet basis at?
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Originally Posted by hollow View Post
where can you get vet basis at?
If you don't mind buying it online, many places carry it. Only Natural Pet and Pet Food Direct are two that come to mind.
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petsmart carrys
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