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Nasa hiding plane data.

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So nasa is hiding reports on safety problems? for fear the effort on the public?
they should be telling us. But it does not surpise me.

Been around flying most of my life. I remember a few years ago i took the test to be controller. I scored 93%, A female friend took the test and scored 78% and got hired. from what a friend told me. That as a white male you can just about forget getting a job, unless you have every bounus in the book(i guess they where on a minorty hiring phase at that time)

IMO, we dont hire the best people.
the system is to outdated for the number aircraft flying.

however, they Need to tell the public the truth, is it safe to fly or not.
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There are a lot of things that are outdated in this world and frankly it doesn't surprise me. airline travel has increased by far probably since the regulations were put into place.

However, as much as I hate to admit it, I agree that they shouldn't let people know. The airline industry has suffered enough due to 9/11 and NASA probably doesn't want to see that happen again.

IMO just update the regulations, enforce them, arrest people if you have to for example purposes, and don't bash the airline process too much.
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I find this news article really confusing. I used to be in the air transportation industry and I was familiar with the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System. I'm sorry to hear it was shut down. And I don't know what all the secrecy is about because they used to publish the reports periodically in a newsletter. The only thing secret about them is that the names, dates and places of the reports were withheld in order to protect the confidentiality of those who filed the reports.

NASA is not responsible for aviation safety. The only role they had was in collecting the data from the safety reports. The FAA and the NTSB are responsible for aviation safety.

As far as outdated regulations, Federal Aviation Regulations are revised and ammended periodically to keep up to date. There's nothing wrong with the regulations.

There's much in the Air Traffic Control system that could be improved. FAA upgrades to the system are way over budget and way behind schedule. Many controllers are retiring and it's a lengthy process to train and qualify new controllers. The main problem is Congress raiding the trust fund that's supposed to fund airport and airway improvements and using the money for other things. Write your legislators. It's their fault.

As far as safety, our air transportation system in this country is still far safer than any other mode of transportation. You're far more likely to die in a car accident for each mile travelled than in an airplane.

The main problem with airline travel today is too few runways to service the number of flights that airlines want to schedule. They schedule these flights because of public demand for them. But nobody in the public wants an airport in their back yard, so very few new airports have been built, very few new runways at existing airports, and you can only have a limited number of airplanes taking off and landing on the existing runways.
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"Air Traffic Control system that could be improved. FAA upgrades to the system are way over budget and way behind schedule"

Yep, very very true. I noticed a big difference when i first got back to the states and started flying here again.

from talking and hanging out, it seems that i hear more near miss, then i remember every hearing before. But there does seem to me, much more traffic then i remember. There are only a few airlines that perfer to fly, and most of them are american ones.

i still think the public has a right to know what there finding where.
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