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Meet Lady Liberty

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I would like to introduce Lady Liberty, she will be joining Scamper Farms when she is old enough to come

any guesses on color. we know but I am seeing what you guys think
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I'm gonna go with color --- CUTE!!!

She looks kinda like a patched tabby to me, but what do I know?
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What a cutie!!
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Looks like a patched classic tabby and of course cute!
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Congrats, she's gorgeous

Agree she looks like a patched tabby.
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She's a brown patched tabby/white, but before I looked at the pictures was thinking blue cream or bluecream/white kitten.

Who is she out of?
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Her sister who didnt make it was a brown patched tabby and white.. Libby is close she stumped a couple of people. finally talked to a couple of people who have been breeding tabbies for every and they said shes a blue patched. shes by Topcattery Bubbalicious (GC RW Impression's Ichabod Crane of Topcattery X Vaners Got What it Takes of Topcattery) mom is Windhaven KB Kansas Koton Kandi Kid
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I'd wait and see. In those photos she does not look blue to me - she looks brown. But blue sometimes appears browinsh in pictures - its a hard color ot photograph properly. I've seen my share of "brown" Russian Blues
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All I know is that She is adorable!!! Congrats!

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Yeah I have to try to find the first shots they sent of her, she looks blue in those. I agree that blue is a hard one to get a good picture of. Eitherway shes adoreable. I am gonna be spending some time with her in Dec when i go to pick up Antony, Cleo, Artemis and Selene... whew.
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Slight hijack....but how do you get a brown russian blue?
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You don't. But I've seen poor quality color photos of Russian Blues who appear "brown". You have to get the proper light and background color to get any blue cat to show their true color
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Gotcha! I was just totally confused by that!
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It is so difficult to take a good photo of a blue cat! Sonic either comes out too silvery, or brown, it's hard to get his deep gunmetal colour on film. You can see in my avatar he looks brown the colour difference between that and my signature is quite large!
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