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Older cat with ne problems. plz help

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Hello there, I am new to this forum but I need help with something. I have an old tabby cat @ the age of 18 and I fear that within the next few years that he will pass on He is an indoor cat and is neutered. Over the last month, we have noticed a few behaviour changes. Amazingly, he is eating more and is keeping more down than he did when he was young. But he is now starting to go to the bathroom outside the litterbox. We keep the box clean but it seems like it is becomming more common for him to walk around the house a few times then find a corner to go in or to just do his business right in front of us (which he never did). So for the past week a lot of carpet cleaner has been used. I know his age is a factor but besides the fact he seems to be slower in his movements (running, jumping etc) and his bathroom problem, he seems otherwise fine and in great shape.
Can someone please give me advice to help us?

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Have you taken him to the vet? Often when a cat does this, it's because they have a urinary tract illness. It sounds to me like your cat is trying to tell you that, especially considering your description of his behavior when he does it.
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Thanks for the reply. We have not taken him to the vet yet. This problem just came about as of thisweek. Unfortunatley we live in a small town where a vet is not handy at all times. He has always hated car rides and/or cages to the vet so I dont want to stress him out but we are going to call the vet office tomorrow and see if they recommend for us to bring him in. With the urinary tract infection; would that also affect his bowel movements? Cause he is urinating a lot more out of the box but he is also doing his "#2" out of the box sometimes as well.
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I would get him into the vet and have him checked for FLUTI and a complete senior panel and exam. It shouldn't be affecting his bowel movemnts though. Also he can be getting some arthritis making it hard for him to use get around. It might be a little expensive but its worth it. I had an 18 year old cat (I also have a 14 year old) too when he passed on and he went in 2x a year for a senior exam.

You can invest in a couple of more litter pans and leave them around the house that he can get to easily, maybe some with a side that is lower so he can climb into easier. Maybe some Feliway or Rescue Remedy would help in the house as well as for the visit to the vet.

Hope all goes well for you kitty.
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Definitely get an appointment with the vet and have blood work done. Eating more than normal is often a sign of hyperthyroidism. As for litterbox issues, they may be related to any underlying medical conditions that he has. In the meantime, you may want to get an under-the-bed plastic bin that has lower sides than a normal litter box as he may be having trouble getting in and out of it.
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