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I appreciate your advice regarding Sweetie and not touching her kittens due to my safety.

I also wanted to make clear that I DO MAKE TIME for all my cats. I am not neglecting any of them and actually spoil them rotten.

I was merely pointing out that making sure I give enough attention to my own cats while making time for Sweetie and her babies at the same time as working, going to school and studying, is a bit of a strain.
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Pamela - I'm so pleased things are going well with Sweetie. I have no experience with pregnant females, but I'm glad things seem to be working out! I know you wanted to get her to a foster home - and that didn't work out (Sweetie had her own schedule! ). But it seems like you're really enjoying being a kitty grandma!

About the time - I have no suggestions. Gary and I have three cats, but there are two of us, so it's easier to make time for each of them with a busy schedule. All I can suggest is - if you can find a way to make time and that's a priority for you, you can maybe make it work. But for your whole family, it's important to be practical too. Gary and I are still torn about bringing a fourth kitty home, and we're working on it. Because the no kill shelters are full, we have him in boarding now. He's being socialized and is a happy kitty (we just went to see him today). We're working on finding him a home - but our adoption requirements are so stringent.... I guess my point is it really depends upon you, your time and your space. There's nothing really to recommend except adoption if your schedule's too busy.

If you find you can make the time - is there any way to introduce her to each cat, one at a time? She's in a separate room now - what about just one kitty at at a time - that way you can pick up the other kitty.


...and about the wounded kitty - is he all healed up? Are you thinking about trapping him? Are there no-kill shelters in your area? With all you have on your hands, I don't know if you have time for this, but you might see if there are low or no-cost neuter programs in your area. You could consider trapping him, getting him checked by a Vet and having him neutered and releasing him (if you don't have no-kill shelter space near you that has space available).

....just thoughts.....

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