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Bone Cancer?????

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My GF and I just came home from the Vet. Buddy, 1 of our 4 cats has had a swollen foot. 2 males and 2 females and they are inside cats. Buddy was an outside cat until I adopted him. Its been about 2 yrs now. We also have a 55 lbs Lab. We thought maybe Mazy (Lab) stepped on Buddy. We figured maybe his paw had a fracture. The vet takes a x-ray. He says it more than a fracture. He showed us the xray and it appears that a section of one of his toes is missing. The vet says there are 2 possible problems. 1. is cancer and 2 is a bacterial infection. So, now we decide on a biopsy. If it is cancer they have to do a fully body xray to see if it spread. If it hasn't spread. Aputation is the only thing we could do. If it spread there will be nothing to do. And put Buddy down.
If it is a bacterial infection, they will treat it with antibiotics and and put a cast on his paw hoping that the bone will regenerate.
The vet is 90% sure that it is cancer. We will find out tommorrow.
After we left the vet I was thinking. In addition to the cats and the dog.
We also have fish. Buddy is somewhat of an odd cat. He like to dip is paw in the opening on the hood of the fish tank and lick his foot. Buddy does this with his water bowl and milk when we leave in a bowl for the cats.
I'm starting to think its a bacterial infection.
Has anyone had silimlar issues? Any input would be appreciated and thanks for reading my long post.
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I don't have any experience with this, but I just wanted to say that I'm hoping the biopsy is negative. If it is cancer and hasn't spread, my brother has had a tripod cat for over 5 years (stray hit by a car). She gets around just fine, and more than holds her own with his other cats.
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Update on Buddy. Unfortuntaly he had cancer in his front right paw. It did not spread. So,my GF and I elected amputation over putting him down. I'm starting to wondering if we should have put him down instead. He seams miserable. The vet said it would take 3 to 4 days before he Buddy would realize that he is missing a leg. He is wearing an e-collar. I was told he needs to wear it until the stitches are removed in 10 to 14 days. When he is alone we have been keeping him seperated from the 3 other cats and the dog. We let him out with the other cats today for awhile and he was not greeted well. I guess he still smells a little funny. I'm hoping he start coming into his own soon. Updates to come.
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It is more than likely the e-collar and the shock that is affecting him. They really don't miss their leg if they happen to have it amputated. If you can, remove the collar and see if that doesn't help a bit. He is a beautiful kitty and hopefully he has a long, loving life left
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For Buddy.
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My cat Bella had her back leg amputated from bone cancer, she did really well until the lung cancer took over But he should do just fine, just give him some time..Many vibes for Buddy
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You might want to use the vanilla trick ( or rub them all with a towel so they smell more familiar.
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Sorry to hear about Buddy. I lost one of my dogs to bone cancer - unfortunately it had spread so we really didn't have any options. I think that he'll adjust to only having 3 legs just fine after some adjustment period. As for the other cats not receiving him well - I'd keep him isolated in a bathroom or a smaller room with his own food and litter box and let the other cats get used to his scent under the door for a bit - much like you'd do if you brought a new cat into your house. I think that cats suffer from short term memory loss. Mine always act a bit weird when one goes to the vet and comes back smelling a bit different. Never mind they've been together for years, you'd think they'd never seen each other before. On the other hand, when they have a bad experience with each other, they seem to remember that forever and you have to sort of ease them back into being together with a reintroduction.

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I know of a lot of cats (here in Portugal) who are living perfectly with 3 legs. Tha's not something you should worry about, he will adjust, animals are strobger then us mere humans for that sort of thing.

The collar though is another thing, I never put a collar on my cats, I'd rather stand watch because this make them really miserable. Some cats ar unable to move with a collar such is their discomfort. I would try taking the collar off, at least for some periods to see if it helps Buddy regain confidence and self-esteem.

Thankfully the cancer has not spread and Buddy will have many years of happiness with you!
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Buddy is confined to the back bedroom with his own food, water and litter box. I took off the e-collar for about 1/2 hour. He seemed to be a little happier then. He eats but we haven't seen him drink water and it doens't
look like he has pooped in about 4 days. Its starting to worry me.
I let him loose into the livingroom the other day while i was home and could watch him and he just lays on the arm of the chair and looks out the window.
Mazy our Lab went up to him, sniffed and little then laid down next to him.
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When my cat had hydration issues, the vet gave me one of those plastic syringes, I filled it with water and just squirted it into his mouth. It seems a little cruel forcing them to drink, but its better than allowing dehydration to continue so long that it risks their kidney function, amoungst other things. I'm not recommending it for your cat, without knowing the details of his situation, Im just recommending suggesting it to your vet Its a really easy process, and it worked well for my cat.
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If he hasn't had a bowel movement in 4 days, you should call your vet ASAP. It might be nothing but rather safe then sorry. 4 days is too long without BM.
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We have a Bowel movement!!! and it wasn't covered. But, I guess that is to be exepected. He has been peeing, that was not an issue.
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Good!!!! He is making progress!!! Pee and poo are very important!!!!! He is going to get well, you'll see!!
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