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Angel Meow

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Angel's growing up but her meow is still the same! She's about 6-7 months old now. She likes to murr a lot around the house for no apparent reason than to hear her own voice or find someone. I have yet to catch her doing that on video because she'll stop after someone 'answers' her. Tiger doesn't meow much but we're still coaxing him to. He doesn't murr much either but he's a big purrer, unlike Angel.

When we first got her and Tiger...

Tonight, meowing for some more tuna juice. She knows the can opener sound now. She was going after my hubby last night when he opened some peas and corn!

Also tonight, she loves any kind of feather stick but she has a bad habit of tearing the feathers out and gnawing on them.
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AWWWWW...what a sweet little girl

I love those cute little chirping sounds
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