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ok to let tom kitten full range of the house?

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Well i tamed the feral kitten (not a real feral) down now and got him in the habbit of having him come in the house but we still let him out as well, hes still extremly wild he acts just like a barn cat, always on the move lots and lots of energy we dont care though he takes most of his energy outdoors in the woods

The sad thing about this is the kitten actually did have an owner but was aparently to wild and distructive so the owner dumped him, the owners response to me finding the cat was "just take him and dump him somewhere else if hes around ur house theirs no way im taking that little back" Another sad thing is the past owner use to be a good friend of mine Never thought they could be so heartless specially since ive known them for years! Its a bit upsetting! I told everyone what my friend did and they are totally disgusted!

One thing im concerned about is I Took him to the vet and my vet would like to wait till hes 6 months to have him nutered. Would it be okay to let him run around the whole house still? Or will he spray everyting even before then? The thing is this kitten has been hanging aroud my house for weeks so now all our cats are totally use to him as they have met him many many times outside, so everyone gets along, its just the spraying im a bit worried about
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It's really hard to say whether he will spray or not, but I know where you're coming from. I have a neighbor's visiting tom that comes to my house. He comes in and eats and spends the night sometimes and he has never sprayed in my house. He's around a year old and he's going to be neutured soon,whether my neighbors like it or not. I guess you'd just have to watch him and see?
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A lot of shelters have started neutering early, there are even some health benefits.

For instance, we adopted a kitten in early September who had been extremely deprived of food and attention. At the time he was four and a half months, and my usual vet said they wanted to wait months longer for his neutering operation. However, I knew that deprived kittens often mature earlier, and thus need to be fixed earlier to avoid bad behavior. Also, and already stressed kitten doesn't need to go through a useless puberty. I wanted to give him a few weeks to fatten up and then have him neutered, and I went to a new vet who agreed with my assessment.

Perhaps you could get a second opinion just by calling up some other vets. If money is a concern, ask them about programs which help people fix stray cats.
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If you can find a vet to do it sooner then 6 months, you will be better off. Some males mature early (some can even breed at 4-5 months old), so neutering later you run the risk of spraying.

If your cat is allowed outside, he probably would spray early rather then later. And because he's not neutered, he could get a female pregnant.
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He probably won't start spraying before he is 6 months. As long as you get it done then, he will probably be ok. I never had a 6 month old male spray, you cann let him out.
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