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Question for Breeders Dilute Blue?

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Question on coloration. What is steel grey with gunmetal grey
darker markers in tabby spotted pattern called? The white
is more cream/pink and paws and nose are redish/pink. The
eyes on this cat are yellow.

Is this considered a blue tabby, a dilute blue or
something else?

I would call the cat's color almost lavender in some lights, actually.

This is one of my feral cats, who's Mom we think was
the drop dead beautiful spotted black and white cat (Silver
Bengal I later found out). We don't know about
Dad..but, there's alot of solid blacks, solid greys and
brown (rich browny gold style) tabbies in this population.

The one I took home, I have pictures of her, Laphrogie,
is just the most amazing shades of grey ...

I keep wondering if this is what they mean when they say
"blue" for a cat's color... and what the "dilute" means...

Could someone enlighten me? Thanks! I know she's not
a pure breed or anything, its just the most remarkable coloration
I've ever seen!
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Blue tabbys should have a blue or old rose (read dark red) nose leather and rose paw pads. Silvers have brick red nose leather with black paw pads.

When you mention white, are you saying your kitty is a bicolor? If the white goes up over the nose and creates boots on her feet, then that would explain the pink paws and nose leather.

She could be a blue-cream tabby. This is blue with patches of cream or softly intermingled areas of cream. The nose leather and paw pads would be blue and/or pink.

Lavendar, if I am not mistaken, is the dilute of chocolate. It is a frosty grey-brown that will look lavendar in certain lights, as you have described.

Any way you put it, I am sure she is beautiful. Would you mind posting some of those pics so we can all see her?
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Yes, I will certainly try - if I can get photobucket to work, LOL.

Maybe I'll post to Flickr, and link it for folks to look at.

I will check her paw pad and nose color. Its a pinky/red
if I recall (she isn't in front of me now).

There's no patches on her at all. She's a solid tabby
style - only spots not full stripes. Also the belly
is that creamy color you mentioned, with distinct
spots on it. V. odd.

In certain colors her light grey areas look bluish,
while the darker areas look charcoal in color.

I have to post, so you can see and tell me!
She's definitely the oddest color I've ever seen...
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Probably is a blue spotted tabby. It could be a lavendar spotted tabby but that would be very rare. Lavendar is more of a pinkish blue. In the Ocicats you have blue/blue-silver spotted and lavender/lavender-silver spotted.

Blue would be a paler background with darker blue stripes, spots, etc. The "cream" color is called patina on a blue.

Blue is the dilute color of black.
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Pictures of Laphrogie the dilute blue tabby spotted??? are posted on my flickr account. Just go to: and search for obpilot

There are pictures of Dewey the Part Main Coon (adorable), Cointreau the red point mixed Siamese (old style also oh so cute!) and Laphrogie. She's just drop dead beautiful...

Let me know what she is - her nose is brick red, her paws are black. The cream is shaded slighly to pink I think. Her striped are broken/spots. The eyes are yellowish orange. The body slender and the tail extra long. The mew (very very vocal, LOL) high pitched and Siamese. You KNOW when she mews!

Cointreau is a red point - red tabby crossed with a Siamese chocolate point old style pet quality Mom ... He's not standard show, but he has such a laid back way! Dewey in contrast in a mischievous mix of Part Main Coon or Persain. He loves water, playing with water dish, taking baths/showers with you, helping round the house and YES he wants to be an indoor / outdoor.

Wish I could find a good home for BOTH to go to together, LOL. 'Frogie stays with me, and Goose (the large huge fluffly tailed grey silver boy eating. He is very much like a Somali in build, slender and elegant with a tail to die for...but he is black fur on the top, shading to silver underneath (NOT white)._
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OOPS - they won't post for 47 hours??? anyway, search tags:

laphrogieandgreygoose if name: obpilot doesn't work...
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Can't get either tag to come up.
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BTW there is no "dilute" blue - blue is blue - various shades from dark to light but you don't use the term dilute with blue
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Blue is the dilute of Black, and Lilac (sometimes called Lavender) is the dilute of Chocolate. When the dilute gene is further diluted (by something called the dilute modifier gene) both blue and lilac become Caramel.
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I think you have to be signed in to seach other members, is this the cat?

Looks like a McTabby to me, not spotted.
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Type in 'opilot' in the search box. Wait for the next screen. Click on the 'members' tab, and then it will come up.
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If that is the picture of the cat in question its a Blue Mackeral Tabby (the stripes are somewhat broken but its not a true spotted tabby). Charlie (my Ocicat) is a spotted tabby.
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Thank you! Golden Kitty, a blue mack tabby is one that has
black as the basic color, but that black is some how modified?

I think I have it now! Whatever she is, she's beautiful to me, LOL.
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The basic tabby colors are brown, blue, red, cream, silver. There are others (like chocolate, etc.) but the Brown tabby would be genetically black (brown/black base coat with brown/black stripes).

Browns range from the dark cold black-brown to the warmer red-browns. She is very pretty
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