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Flea Treatment

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My cats are indoor - is there a need for me to treat them for fleas?
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Originally posted by Jodiann
My cats are indoor - is there a need for me to treat them for fleas?
My cat is a strictly indoor cat and I use Advantage every 4 weeks. It's a precaution basically. Fleas can come in your house regardless of whether you have pets or not. They can live in the carpets. I'm not sure how likely this is, but it's always a possibility.
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Well, thats a good question. I live on the east coast now, so in the winter I dont use anything. Then Spring through fall I use the advantage. I do not have fleas in the house, but I never want to. It happened once and it took over a year to rid the house of the population. You can even bring them in from outdoors or someones house. I always say better safe than sorry. If you do choose to use a topical, I would go with the frontline or advantage. The over the counter stuff is very risky. Also, flea baths only kill adult fleas and it is only if the fleas are on the cat. Collars dont work worth a dang either. Hopefully that helps a little.
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Fleas are pesty little critters that can wreak havoc in your household if you let them get a foothold! They can come in on someone's shoes or pants, lay their eggs in your carpet or cracks in wood floors and remain hidden in the environment, mainly in areas where you kitty sleeps. They can remain in the larval stage from ten to two hundred days depending upon the conditions. In another ten to two hundred days they emerge as full-grown fleas ready to start the cycle all over again. The best management is preventative care! I wash my kitties bedding weekly, vacuum frequently,(including the couches and chairs), change the vacuum bag frequently, and during the spring, summer and fall months use Advantage. I also groom my kitties almost every day and always check for flea dirt, a sure sign of fleas. And, whenever I come in from doing yardwork, I go straight to the basement, take off my clothes and throw them in the washer. My husband groans at me but I make him do it too! Yes, I guess you could say I'm excessive, but with 4 kitties I don't want to take any chances. So far, I've been very lucky and I hope to keep it that way. I've heard horror stories of people whose homes were infested. Yuk! Check with your vet for a product that will be good for you and your kitty. My cats all tolerate Advantage very well.
Sorry this has been so long. Hope it has been of some help.

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I forgot to mention that my kitties are stictly indoor kitties too.

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Hi there. I use to live on the east and was worried about the fleas and my cats were also strictly indoors except when we went to cat shows. I have found a wonderful antiflea, antifungular shampoo that is made the Tee tree oils and is completely safe. I get mine in PetsMart and it comes in a black bottle. It's called Miracle Coat. I now live in a state with -- get this -- absolutely no fleas but still use it when I go to the east for cat shows. Besides, it gives the cat a beautiful shinny coat. Just ask Sandie, Rene, Donna or Michele what type of coats my cats have and they'll tell you. I only use this shampoo during the season and bathe mine in a regular shampoo during off season. Hope this helps.

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I live in Florida, the flea and bug capital of the world. My cats are indoor, and my apartment is on the 2nd floor. I don't treat regularly for fleas because I haven't had a problem. I have had to treat a couple of times and I use Advantage. If you decide to use that, you'll probably not need to treat as often as monthly. Even when my older cat went outside a dew years ago, I could go 6 weeks in the winter months. My vet only suggests treating if you see a need. Hope this helps.
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Gee, after reading the posts I'm rethinking my use of Advantage so often. It makes more sense to use it if you start to see a problem. And Frannie, thanks for the information on the shampoo. I'm going to look for it. The vet suspects that one of my kitties has flea bite dermatitis, even though they've never found a flea on her. Maybe this shampoo will help her.

Thanks everyone!

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