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Cointreau Dewey and the cats o Carradoc

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An update of sorts. No trapping this past weekend. I had to work Saturday/Sunday so could not get anyone trapped and to the clinic.

Bummer. It was great trapping weather. This weekend coming is set to be bad, I'll try for 3 but will need HUGE luck to catch em.

I have 8 cats left to catch. 4 adults and 4 of the kittens/semi adults.

Sigh. The good news is 2 bee box shelters are ready! I've painted them inside and out, they are sturdy wooden boxes on legs that will last for a LOONG time, with removable covers to take out the bedding, clean and flea disinfect. They will keep the babies warm in the coldest of weather.

It was a HUGE amount of work. Per box I've spent about 4-6 hours on putting together, cutting, gluing, nailing and painting. Doesn't sound like much, but it is squeezed in, because I am using someone else's garage and time... to help me out. Giant hand to the BF for being so helpful.

No more sewers if they don't feel like it, no more under the shed shelters either. Fingers crossed they like it and use them.

I also had some semi good news on Cointreau. The Siamese Rescue folks looked at him, and the evaluator said he had "potential" but wasn't sure they needed a "project" cat. I was really surprised because IMHO Cointreau has come HUGE ways from being feral, and he's more tame than many "tame" cats I know!

Nicer too!! Even my vet, who saw him on Monday with Dewey, was impressed. She said he had a pretty laid back purrsonality. They did need 2 people to pill him the Drontal tho. Dewey took some work too. But I still think Cointreau has lots of love to give and would NOT be a "project" cat. I don't know the Siamese Rescues standards however - maybe they only want purr ball lap cats. IMHO those are fairly rare. Even well socialized cats don't always want to be with/near/on people!

Cointreau lets you pick up now, and approaches for pets after a play session. He chews my toes in bed too! In short he's becoming much more curious about me and wanting attention. He is good with the other cats, ignoring them mostly - except Dewey whom he attacks and plays with all the time, LOL. Quite funny to see them play.

He seems happier now he's been wormed and started on Albon, but I worry about Dewey. He had rabies, FVCRP and deworming. He was sacked out and cried when I picked him up last night, so I made him a nice bed and left him to sleep in the closet undisturbed.

He was more lively but still crying when I picked him up this morning, like his belly hurt him. OTH he was eating again, and he seemed more lively. I worried a lot / worry alot about him right now. I hope nothing bad happened from the vaccines. He needs them to be "adoptable".

anyway fingers crossed Siamese Rescue takes on Cointreau for adoption. I KNOW he has huge potential to be love ball!! And that I find home for Dewey the Molester!! LOL.

And I'll keep you appraised of my trapping success. Have 14 done, 8 left to go...
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You've certainly done a heck of a lot of work for a beautiful reason - congratulations & good luck with capturing the rest of the colony...
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I went to Flickr and not only saw your cat pictures, but your illustrations as well. Very impressive!! Yes, indeedy!!

I'm in awe of your work with such a large colony. I suppose Dewey and Cointreau are kittens from the colony that you brought inside. I know how hard it is to find homes for cats, even kittens, so that's an incredible decision.

Good luck with your trapping -- you're an inspiration to tired old me!
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