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Question about behavior

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Hello I am very new here and this is my first post.

Almost 2 years my husband got our daughter a cat, I am the one taking care of the kitty as our daughter is only 6 now.

The kitty has always been a bit antisocial and would pretty much only want to be around our daughter. Today I was sitting on the couch and he jumped up on my lap (which in the 2 years we have had him he has never done) and laid down. He also yawned several times as I kept petting him and trying very hard to make that a good experience for him.

I am very surprised about his behavior today.

What is going through that kitties head?

Thank you for any advise.
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He wanted to be pet, and he finally realized you're the hand that feeds him, and he wanted to show you some love... my cat took a long time to adjust to me and when he finally sat with me, it was a happy moment... enjoy it
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Originally Posted by Shastar View Post
What is going through that kitties head?
That's something no one can answer and I hope no one ever will because then they just wouldn't be cats any more, you know? Just enjoy the experience. Cats can change their minds or do surprising and unexpected things. Sorta like people.

I agree with the above post.
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