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Pitted Nails?

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I kind of mentioned it in another thread a while back... but I'm wondering if anyone else here has or knows anyone with pitting in their nails?

It started 10-11 years ago, all ten finger nails began to grow out with pitting in them. Since then it has been somewhat cycleable, coming and going in a few nails at a time, and in at least one of my toe nails. The pitting, when in full effect on a nail, leaves it with a very dimpled thimble looking pattern.
There is no crumbling or discoloration. My nails are slightly soft and sort of thin, so I cannot simply buff the pitting out. My iron is fine, before anyone suggests that.

Would fungus just cause pitting, for that many years, and no other damage to the nail? Or should I be concerned and mention this to my doctor Friday? She did ask if I had any skin problems, but didn't ask about nails.

I can post a picture of an affected nail if anyone wants me to.
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I've never heard of such a thing, but it's true that nails can reveal a lot about your general health (especially nutrition)... I would definitely ask the doctor what she thinks.
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From what I can find on the net, pitted nails is a specific indicator for psoriasis or eczema.

Definitely speak to your doctor about it.
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i have lots of lines in my nails, but i was told that was from asthma? pitting is usually health related, and can be atributed to poor calcium intake.
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Hmmm, not sure about pitted nails..I have ridges in my nails though. They simply won't grow smooth
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Lines growing down your nails is usually just aging related, everyone gets those to some extent. If they go across the nail it could be something else.

The last cbc said my calcium is fine too.
I don't drink much milk or eat many dairy products (because I don't wish to torture myself ), but I do eat a lot of veggies.

I was hoping someone would disagree and just say it's fungus or they had experienced similar.

I am worried about it possibly being psoriasis, I'm already seeing a rheumatologist for arthritis and don't want it to turn out to be psoriatic arthritis. Though osteo or "might be tendinitis" in a dozen or so joints sounds fishy to me...

She'll probably want me to check with a dermatologist and I'd rather not be sent to another doctor. I can't take on another doctor at this time, the insurance provider for my husband's company will change soon.

Is there anyone on here with psoriasis or has someone in their family who has it in their nails too?
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Take a vitamin B complex and an iron supplement.

Also different disease can actually have symptoms that manifest themselves in your finger nails.



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