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Must be bonkers!!

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Vets have started giving out my work no now (must have words!!), so got a phone call just before lunch about a stray a few mins drive from my work. As I am supposedly full (and no carrier in the car - mental note to now take address book, carrier, camera and food to work every day!!), I said I would pop round and get some photos, to notify lost and founds, and either when Bella went, or after my night away in London, I would take him in. However, he is very thin, and I felt awful leaving him there, he is very affectionate - she said he hadn't been eating much, so I gave her the HiLife Tuna and Salmon pouch from the car (found very few cats to turn that down), and said I would nip him to the vets on Thurs to check for a microchip. Spoke to my neighbour about him, as he appears to be a Manx, and she asked when I was getting him!! Said I hadn't planned to, as I am away the weekend after next, and didn't want to ask her to feed too many, she told me not to be daft and get him, so when I get him to the vets, he can come back here in the cage - rang the lady, she was really pleased, and told me that he loved the food I left, so she is going to go and get some more for him. He is an unusual colour, like a really dark brown and white, and I would guess at a true Manx, as there is very little of a stump - will put the pics on my photobucket acc tomorrow and post them. So 6 cats, despite me saying on Sat that 5 was my limit.
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I think you are doing a great job
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Aww, thanks!!
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The neighbor I mentioned who'd fostered her pair for a couple years now, one of those two is a Manx - Manxes can have three different kinds of "tails" (one being: no tail) - hers is a stumpy - his name is Nubbin. Most peculiar gait on him, more like a deer or rabbit than a cat when he runs, but he's a doll...

Hope you can rehome one soon to get back down to your limit of five! It's that rare exception that proves the rule, you know Keep up the great work!
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He seems to be a full Manx, will put pics up when I can.

Me too!!
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I'm glad you got him, I imagine he can be placed quickly!
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Bonkers No

I have a feeling i'm going to fall in love again! Really need to get fixed and driving again so I can come and meet kitties
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It's so hard to say no, isn't it?? That kitty is a very lucky guy!
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Too hard to say no, especially when they are thin and it is cold outside!! I am picking him up tonight as long as he turns up at the ladies house (and we all know what strays are like for timing!!). Haven't told the rescue lady yet, thought I would wait and see if he had a chip first, I am praying he does, then he can be reunited with his owner.

You do need to get fixed and driving Sar, got some lovely kitties in at the moment - have you seen my other thread with the pics on?
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Here is the pic I took of him at the lady's house, will sort out a better one that I took last night later. Sadly he doesn't have a chip, and isn't a true Manx, the vet thinks it has been chopped off by a vet, and he is also neutered, so has had a home at some point. Vet estimates him to be 10, and his gums bled when she checked his teeth, so they will probably need sorting, but he can eat wet and dry food, so at least he can have a bit of time to settle, and put some weight on before that happens. Vet described him as a 'typical Desley cat'!!! He is very friendly and affectionate and just wants to nuzzle into you, headbut you and then settle down to sleep, I did feel really sad for him last night, I do hope he hasn't been dumped, as he is so friendly and affectionate, he really doesn't deserve it. I am ringing round vets, rescues and petshops at lunch (didn't do it before in case he had a chip).

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Awww - glad he's so friendly, though. I can see why you thought he was a Manx, at least in that photo he looks like he's got that humpy rump they have...I hope he wasn't abandoned, too - but he has found a good friend in you.
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He sounds absolutely gorgeous! His colours are gorgeous too

Poor thing with his gums though Hopefully the vet can get them easily sorted (as easy as can be, anyway)
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Poor dear! It is a shame tht he seems to have been left behind. He is a handsome fellow, I am sending out furrever home vibes for him.
I am dealing with one right now I am trying desperately not to fall in love with, but it may be too late.
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Thanks everyone, he is such a sweety. As he is not chipped, and the people contacted so far have no record of a lost cat, it appears that no one is missing him, but it will be a minimum of 2 weeks before he is placed up for rehoming, but judging by how thin he is, he has been a stray for more than the week the lady has been feeding him. RSPCA are putting him on their national database, which is a good thing. Fortunately, he is eating both wet and dry food well, so it gives me chance to let him settle, and take advantage of a nice warm bed rather than living outside, and also to put some weight on before we have to worry about his teeth. This is how soft he is (I gave him an hour to settle and eat, then sat in his room, and this was taken after about 10 mins)

Good luck with yours KK
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I showed the pic of him on my knee to my neighbour, and she thought he was older than 10, I have to say I was shocked when the vet said he was that old, I wouldn't have thought that myself. He does have a 'strange' look in his eye, I can't quite place whether it is age, weariness or tiredness, so hopefully it will go in a couple of weeks, when he has settled, and realised he is safe. He is preferring to eat dry than wet at the moment, so his teeth may be bothering him, but I really want him to put some weight on first, and he is a bit snuffly, so need to see what that is as well, am hoping it is just a reaction from being nice and warm after being out in the cold. I woke up to howling winds and rain beating against hte window, so went and gave him a big hug, he is lucky my neighbour told me not to worry about how many they had to look after in a couple of weeks, he could have been out in that (well, I was going to take one of my pyramid beds for him to sleep in the lady's porch!!)
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A big softy...awwww. Please tell me it's just the photo angle or the lighting, but his eyes look a little opaque - is it possible he's got the start of cataracts? He seems a bit young for that. I hope it's just the photo.

Seeing a cat like this happy on a lap really warms the !
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He is, bless him. Just gone to look at him, and think it is just the camera, they look very dark in teh flesh, (unlike the 17 yo's), but will keep an eye on them.

IT does!!
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He has been here a week now, and is such an affectionate little cat, he is a pleasure to have round, all he wants to do is sit on your knee, and lick your clothing, while kneading you!! As he is in the bathroom, you can't go to the toilet in peace at the mo, my mum was round earlier, and she had to call me to help get him off her knee!! He is one I am very tempted with, but I am sure he will find a home really easily with his temperament and colouring.
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he is a sweetie, i hope you find him a home soon, he deserves to be snuggly and warm
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Well, he needs a lot of building up and possibly a dental first, so will be a few weeks before we can even contemplate finding him a home. He will be snuggly and warm until that happens though, with a lap to sit on daily!!
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He really is gorgeous though! You can see that he needs a dental in the pics, the way his mouth is closed.
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That's interesting, I hadn't noticed that. I have noticed him do the occasional odd thing with his mouth, and his breath does smell, but he can eat wet and dry food at the moment, so am holding on as long as possible so he can put some weight on, and gain a bit of strength - Tues, he couldnt jump on your knee, and although he could manage on Wed, it wasn't consistent, so he obviously still needs building up.
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He's gorgeous

I can imagine how much of a joy it is for him to be around His snuggliness reminds me of Tom
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Yeah, nothing better than coming home from a days work, and sitting on the floor with a cat who so clearly wants fusses - I am lucky with the ones I have in at the mo, Rosie, Bella and Zia also want to sit with you - only problem is splitting myself between them all!! I do have an offer of a home for him, but it would mean a drive and a ferry ride, so not sure whether to say no and try and find somewhere more local - dont want to turn down an opportunity for him though.
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WEll, he is starting to put weight on, I thought he had lumps at first till I realised it was just a bit of flesh!! I am booking him in for a dental next week, the bit of his paw that he licks to clean himself is stained, but I want him to put a bit more weight on before he has an anaesthetic, and he can eat perfectly well at the moment. I hope he will put more weight on after - I do have an offer of a home for him, but it will be a long journey, so not sure what to do.
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Well, Rolo has been here 2 weeks now, he is going for his dental on Tues, and then I can see what he is like with my cats and put him on the rehoming page, fingers crossed he wont be waiting long. I have had an offer of a home already, but it would mean a long journey, including going on a ferry, and I really am not sure about it. He has to have bloods and a drip due to his age, fingers crossed eveyrthing goes well for him, and he then puts even more weight on. Found out the hard way this week he can't tolerate food in gravy.
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for his dental & a good home!
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Thanks a lot.
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Latest pics of him - as you can see, he is still thin after 3 weeks, but miles better than in his first pic. He didn't end up having a dental, as he only had one dodgy tooth, so he is on a/b's and letting him build up some more first.

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One of him playing, no idea where the other one went to!!

I have taken him off the AB's, as he had a runny bum, and he hasnt' got the reserves to have that for 14 days, so giving him chance to get his tum right, then doign them every other day.
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