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3 months smoke-free today!

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It was 3 months ago today that I quit smoking!

I still miss it, and I still crave cigarettes, almost daily, but its tolerable. The only time I feel like I'm in danger of actually going and getting some is if I get really upset and mad. Other than that, I just wish I could have one, but don't really crave it.

Already I feel much better though. I can walk a flight of stairs and I have almost NO sinus and throat trouble anymore. Before, it was a constant issue.

Now if only I had as good a luck with the diet
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That's an accomplishment to be PROUD of!!! Congrats, BIG TIME!!!!!
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Good for you Paula That took a lot of strength and courage ... keep moving forward and saying No.
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Quitting is so hard to do, I've watched aunts & uncles try dozens of times.
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Well done! An awesome achievement.
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Good job Paula!! I ws wondering how you were doing
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Good for you! You go, girl!

I wish I could quit..

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I dont smoke, so I cant even begin to imagine how hard it must have been.....
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That's great Paula! Congratulations!
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Yay!!! Resist your temptations!! You made it this long!! Just think how much better you're going to feel!!
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