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Feeding for dental/mouth issues?

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I've had two cats in the past that were challenging to feed due to dental issues or mouth problems (one had lost all of her teeth before I adopted her and the other had terminal mouth cancer). In my case, both of these cats were considered to be terminal (the one with no teeth also had liver cancer... I am a sucker for expensive cats that I don't have a lot of time left) so whether or not the food was nutritionally balanced was fairly moot. In both cases the cats were not experiencing pain and still had good quality of life, they just had difficulty eating and some loss of appetite. I had good success with both by feeding them either chicken baby food (just chicken and water), tuna fish (packed in water, mashed up), or a variety of wet food (not chunky or sliced) mixed with cat-safe milk and heated.

I would like to know what other people have had success with, because I'm sure I will have to deal with this again at some point and I'd rather be prepared with other things to try ahead of time than frantically searching for other solutions at the last moment. Also it would be good to know some appetizing and easily eaten foods that *are* nutritionally balanced in case I ever have to deal with this difficulty with a cat that isn't considered to be terminal...
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Well, Twitch has no teeth. She is healthy otherwise, though. She eats Fancy Feast.....and when her teeth were still in but rotten, she ate a lot of shredded Friskies. The chicken Fromms is also shredded(I think), & that would be a good choice.

I would mince pate style foods, too.
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