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What Makes You Happy?

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We have several threads going about what annoys us and drives us "nuts" - what about what makes you happy, or makes you laugh??

Quite obviously, one of the things that makes me happy is spending time w/ my furbabies! They also make me laugh, w/ their crazy shenanigans!

Spending time w/ my family (especially my son & granddaughter!) makes me happier than words can say! I love to travel, and see new places. Helping others makes me smile, too!

Those are just a few: I'm sure I'll think of more.

What makes you happy??

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1) When Mitzi wakes me up by lying on my face at 4am
2) When me and Mitzi have a little play - wrestle lol
3) When she waits for me when I get back from school
4) When she bites my toes and attacks my feet
5) When she gets up on her hind legs when she wants tuna!
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Coming home from work at the end of the day.
Getting all my paperwork finished a day early.
Finding ice cream that I forgot was in the freezer.
A good nights sleep.
Just the basics most of all.
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I love to see my children's smile when I pick them up from school. an unexpected hug or kiss. when my kids draws me picture, or make something for me. When my DH brings flowers or candy just because . snuggles from my dog or cat. the sound of purring in my ear
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When Luna cuddles with me, whether its on my stomach or neext to my head at night.

Really funny movies always cheer me up too. The weirder/funny they are, the better.
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On those rare occasions when I catch my 80-something parents hugging, it makes me just gloriously happy.
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Not worrying about bills.
Playing with our kittens.
Being with my hubby and laughing with him.

All in all, just being carefree...
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In no particular order:
  • Forest flopping over for a belly rub
  • Hugging Tailer
  • Being slept on by Harvey
  • My husband...he can always find a way to cheer me up
  • The sound of a child laughing
  • Puppies
  • Getting e-mails from my niece
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1. Tiger (my cat)
2. Kittens
3. Puppies
4. Might as well say all baby animals
5. My boyfriend
6. Sleeping/Relaxing
7. Chocolate
8. A Beautiful Sky
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a good book,
a night playing a good game.
my cats, of course.
things that used to make me happy
being upside down in a airplane.
riding my motorcycle.

those come to mind right now.
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Snuggling with my kitties, especially Trent. He's such a good snuggler! And Trent kisses. He always just makes me feel very special and priviledged to love him.

Watching Mojo scamper around like a maniac always makes me laugh. She's a riot!

Ginger Cookie giving kisses and being lovey. She's such a sweetie!

When Ophelia deems me OK enough to allow me to pet her. (Most of the time she deems me an axe murderer and runs away. )

When my favorite teams win.

Being up at Buffalo Creek with the shooters. Good times.

Being in Ohio in August. Sounds nuts, I know, but it's one of the two things I truly look forward to every year. Really good times!


Finding the perfect present for someone I care about, and that includes my Secret Santa.

Thanks for starting this thread. I enjoyed reading the replies so far, and I really needed the reminder of all of the things that make me happy.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Being in Ohio in August. Sounds nuts, I know...
Oh no, it doesn't sound nuts at all! When I was a kid, my family always spent a couple of weeks in August at Grandma & Grandpa's in Ohio, and at that time of year, Ohio is full of the sweetest fresh corn... back then, you could pay the farmer directly, walk out into his field with a bushel basket, and pick it yourself! Oh, how the kitchen windows would steam up from all the pots of corn boiling on the stove!

Ahhh... memories...
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animals, my family, the great outdoors, music, reading, camping, warm weather, warm ocean breezes, the after rain smell outside, a nice nap with animals and my husband, there are lots of things that make me happy
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Sitting on my couch and noticing that all my animals are in the same room resting with me. That does not happen often. Seeing my daughter's hard work in school pay off. Watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth grader with my daughter and husband. Shopping for my daughter and the dog a Halloween costume.
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kitty kisses
online friends
hugs from my great nephews and nieces
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post





A few more things: Going to Galveston (or ANY beach! .), beautiful sunsets, nice & warm weather, reading a good book, playing cribbage, visiting friends or talking to them on the phone, and, of course, TCS!

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Not being broke makes me happy
My family and friends make me happy
Trout makes me happy
Sleep makes me happy
Food makes me happy
Weekends make me happy
My car makes me happy
New clothes make me happy
Music makes me happy
TV makes me happy

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- my kitties, my pups, all animals really especially dogs, cats, and horses

- being able to help out homeless animals where I work

- chocolate any food makes me happy

- little kids being silly

- having high self esteem for the most part

- reading a good book

- having fun with my friends and family of course my furkids too and "my" babies at the shelter.

- coming here for the most part makes me happy

- people being kind to their animals and kids makes me happy
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Working out on the Arabian horse farm today made me happy. Made me feel...useful, getting all dusty, dirty, and horsey. The only thing that made me unhappy about it was the small sunburn I recieved for all my work. -_-

My animals also make me happy, of course. ^_^ And school.
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kitty kisses from my Monster.
my boyfriend
when i wake up and find Monster sleeping in the bed
days off from work
sitting on TCS all day
Monster following me around
when he jumps on my lap for a cat nap
seeing old friends and catching up on things
my little brother, the love he shows me is so amazing!
Tiffany, my best friend
My nephew Robbie
pumpkin pie

there are so many other things that make me happy, but i better not list them all lol.
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Spending time with Tavia and Salem of course.

My family when they get along with each other which is rare.

Being with my friends and playing cards with them and listening to music with them and acting silly.

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My furbabies curled up next to me at night
My fiance's arm around me while we sleep
Spending time with my fiance & the kittens
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Seems like these days there are fewer things that make me happy just because life has become more complicated than I ever imagined...but the few things that can still make me happy are

A good book
A kitty who likes to cuddle
Being able to visit family and friends
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- Waking up to find Quill sitting on the edge of my bed, purring
- Quill giving me those gentle headbutts
- Feeding my fish. They're too cute
- Saying thank you to the bus driver.
- The bus driver saying "Have a nice evening" back
- The moon, clouds, stars, sunlight, wind, leaves, grass, dirt, stone, water and everything in between
- Children laughing
- When Quill just licks me like there is nothing left on earth to lick, and to know that he loves me.
- Music
- Animals
- Plants

And too many other things to count.
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When my SO laughs... (he has the most contagious laugh I've ever heard, it's impossible not to smile when you hear it )
When Berach snuggles me (he's like a person! he "caresses" my face and then nuzzles me)
When chloe follows me around and lays on me (which is always)
When Beatrix hangs out in the living room with all of us and the kitties (happens rarely)
going for a walk with the kittens or just enjoying the sunlight outside with them
a great meal at a good restaurant with friends
a good book and a nice snuggle kitty on the couch
getting coffee every morning at Peets with my mom
hanging around the house...

ok that's all I can think of right now
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My spider laying her eggs.
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[quote=Quill_luv;2028382 ...-CHOCOLATE [/QUOTE] In neon!

Actually, since I'm sort of depressive & cynical by nature and experience, I wasn't going to put anything on this thread, but it struck me that I haven't felt any happier than when reading all your posts, especially those of you who have rescued strays, ferals, and the other Abandoned Ones who ask for so little and give so much... to you!
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According to DH... Nothing

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It makes me so happy on the rare occasions I get to see my granddaughter and my daughter. Olivia, the baby, got into her "scary monster" stage, and was not sleeping through the night, kept waking up screaming. She was a little afraid of my SO for some reason, then we told her that he was there to chase away the scary monsters. She has slept through the night ever since, and has decided she loves him and he is her protector. He was over the moon about it, and it makes me so happy to see my small family bonding again. My daughter has always loved him, and he has always been her protector and surrogate dad as well. That is just a little of what makes me happy.
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All sorts of things, my cats of course, U2, my fiance, Johnny Depp and going on my holidays
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