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Trying to find breeder...

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Well, maybe someone here would know. I'm a huge fan of the Abyssinian cat, and I'm trying to find a breeder in Minnesota.

I will consider a kitten, older kitten or retired breeder. I have looked into adoption, but there really are not cats of that breed that go to adoption centers around here.

If anyone has any ideas of where to go, I would love to hear them. Thank you.
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Check here

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There's a cat show the end of January in St. Paul if you want to go and find Aby breeders there. I'm showing Charlie at the show. PM me if you want info on date/time, etc.
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Thank you for those awesome ideas! The breeder list on the web page is going to be helpful, and I think the cat show would be my best bet. I've googled it, and I know I'll be there.

Again, thank you!
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Look us up too at the show. Charlie will be in the alter class. Will probably be the only Oci there - usually is
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According to FBRL the cattery Glenlea is in Minnesota Can't go wrong with their cats And GK is right - do attend a cat show and meet with breeders there

You could also check out the pure breed rescues - I think there's a link on the CFA website.
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