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Anyone know how to seal a floor?

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Ok so Dumpster likes to use laminate floor as his litter box. It was the front landing and kitchen - yuck. But then he started to use the basement floor. At first I prefered it, but soon found that the concrete would soak up the odor and it was harder to clean. I bleached the whole concrete floor and let it dry and put press and stick floor tiles down. Dumpster loves it. But too much moisture got under the tiles and when he scratches to "cover" it up he pulls the floor tiles up. So some are obviously ruined. I am planning on replacing the floor tiles and using adhesive this time. Does anyone know of a clear sealant that I could put over the peel and stick tiles? I tried polyurethane on a few and it turned them yellow. Oops.

Dumpster has had this problem since I've had him so I know it's not a medical problem, he's been checked. I've tried everything so I guess I just have to live with him using the floor. I just want to prepare it better for easy cleaning. I have never punished my cat for using the floor. I actually believe he came to me abused because of his bathroom habits.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?


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The only thing that'll work (short of glass!) would be sheet vinyl (vs tiles with cracks).
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Thanks - I was thinking of that but thought the cost might be too expensive as I don't know how to install that myself. Also I have tons of furnature in the basement that I would have to remove. I may have to reevaluate that cost though and just bite the bullet because I have the sheets in the kitchen and front entrance and have no problem cleaning them. I may possibly have to just put it on a credit card. The basement was horrendous when I moved in anyway but I am renting and don't want to be evicted because of my cat. If I improve the look of the basement while protecting it as well maybe my landlord won't be too upset.
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Yes, but I wouldn't advise doing it yourself, there is some definite skill involved and you are renting! Installation (once you buy the stuff) isn't a lot more and is worth doing (I've just had a bunch done on a very old house I just moved into with 3 cats 'n 2 dogs, plus had it done in a previous one for doggie accidents).
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It would probably help to first seal the concrete. Especially with older basements. Concrete is not waterproof. It has tiny little gaps between the pieces and moisture will both go down into it and come up from underneath(currently my problem). There are lots of liquid sealents that can be applied to concrete floors after cleaning to make them more waterproof. That would prevent the concrete from absorbing as much urine and from moisture coming up underneath the linoleum. I'd also suggest using a roll of linoleum instead of tiles. If he's only using the middle of the floor you wouldn't have to place it under the furniture really. Heck you don't even have to glue it down. Unroll it over the area he uses, weight the edges (bricks work if you aren't worried about looks), and roll it back up when you move or it gets too dirty and needs replaced. Much easier than glueing down tiles and scraping them back up and probably not anymore expensive.
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How about getting a great big litter box, or even one of those flat storage boxes you slide under the bed, and putting stick down tiles in that? Then you could replace as needed, and easier to clean.
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Thanks for all of your ideas.

I finally did decide to seal the concrete first. And since I already bought so many stick tiles I am just gluing them down with adhesive. Oh well, it looks better than the old floor and the landlord gets a new floor for free. Trust me, she didn't paint or wash the wallpaper when I moved in and there was black smoke stains on the ceiling and up the walls so I am sure she won't mind that I have painted and tried to clean the place up a bit. Besides the basement floor was nasty concrete. Old mold spots and all that needed to be sealed and covered up.

Also - the huge litter box. I am using a sand box and cat attract litter. He's using it to pee now!! Improvement!! I have used the clear rubbermaid trays before and he will pee in them, but only once. So I have two down and they only work so long and them he refuses to use them even after I disinfect them.
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