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Let's see: (since I am limited to use only 17 images this is sort of a generalization)

JOJI: w/ me w/ the other cats
SKINNY: w/ me w/ the other cats
QT: w/ people, w/ male cats w/ female cats
WAWA: w/ me w/ other cats
ICHI: w/ me super w/ Ni, San, Yon, Go w/ Buddy and Ashley
NI, SAN, YON w/ me super w/ the other cats
GO w/ everybody
BUDDY w/ everybody a bit but
ASHLEY w/ everybody
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I had to bump this up, b/c I need to update it so I can add Salem to the smiley icon list of my furbies..

Salem would be a combination of & b/c she's such a good momma cat.

I can't decide what smiley icon describes the kittens, b/c they haven't developed their purr-sonalities just yet..

This is me: Unfortunately, I've gained weight since I haven't been working, due to a disability..

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Since I just LOVE LOVE the smiley icon list, I wanted to bring this thread again up to speed!!! (thanks, Tiff)

Let's see:

because he is always telling the other cats and dogs "OH NO YOU DON"T"
because he is always coming up with things to occupy himself!!
because he is always hiding his toys from everyone
because he loves to be spinned on the tile floor while lying on his side
because he is the guard of the house

because she IS the princess of the house
because she is always looking down at everyone and turns her head and "rolls her eyes"
because she is a drama queen and gets bent out of shape about everything and let's you know about it
because she has a temper

because he is a bit skittish and likes to hide and peek out.
because he is always thinking one step ahead of everyone else
because he gets embarrassed easily, silly boy
because he loves to give kisses
because he is afraid of storms

because he is the clown of the house
because he is a klutz and uncoordinated
because he is my cuddler
because he LOVES LOVES to eat
because he is always on the go and keeps me up all night

because she is a cool cat for sure
because she can hear things I can't and is gone
because she can scatter and disappear quicker than lightening
because she takes care of everyone, licks them and hugs them, except for Perla
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for Lynxx because he was just so handsome, friendly (towards humans), and lovable, everyone who met him fell in love with him. Even 1 of my aunt's who doesn't like any animals especially cats, loved him after spending 1 week with us for vacation. Luna and Midnight loved him to, even though he hated them, they kept trying to be his friend, cuddle with him, and play with him.

for Luna who is very self centered. She's beautiful and she knows it. She even purrs if you tell her she's pretty.

for Midnight, because he's just a cool kitten. Plus he's a goof, he's always keeping us entertained.
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I realized I needed to update the smiley icons for some of the gang, because I didn't have some of them when I started this thread - and I sure can't leave them out!

BlackJack would be + + because he's such a goof and always makes me laugh!

Samurai is & & cuz he's so laid back & "cool".

Jinxy would be + + + + cuz she's just so silly and a little "spitfire".

Ricochet is + + + cuz he's fun lovin', savvy, and a real "lady's man".

Chiquita is + + cuz she's full of mischief and is always getting into things.

Last but not least is Cassidy: she's + + + cuz she's shy & unassuming, but also a lovin' little thing.
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I have to add Billy and Chumley!

Let's see....

Billy: because he's my baby boy, my cuddle baby & he loves to be held on his back like a baby, and because his eyes are always WIDE OPEN (unless he's sleeping LOL), and he does everything with SUCH enthusiasm.

Chumley: because he's so happy to be safe and inside; and , because although he's settling in well, he's still all big-eyed, taking everything in, because he LOVES meal time, and because he LOVES to play!
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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
I came across this smiley - - and thought, "Geez! That's purr-fect for Geronimo!", because he has two purr-sonalities: the 'devilish' side that's always getting into trouble, and the sweet, loving, 'angel' side that he shows on occasion. He's always 'see-sawing' back & forth between the two extremes!

This would be Winchester - - b/c he never walks by you w/o giving you a love-rub.

Maverick is the lover-boy of the bunch, so he's a combination of and

Spencer isn't the brightest crayon in the box - he's a But I still love him to pieces.

Gabriel is a hermit, and always in hiding: this is him -

Do any of the smiley icons fit the purr-sonality of your cat(s)?

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Love this thread!

Polly: + + + + + +

Let's see. She's always hungry, she's weird and sometimes I think she's mentally subnormal because she's such a dork, she talks and talks and always "yells" at me when she's hungry or thirsty or wants to play or wants attention, she's extremely silly, she's very active and hyper, she's always next to me or rubbing on me, and she's a huge love bug!

Molly: + + + + +

Molly's my perfect little angel, she's too smart for me, she has me waiting on her hand and paw, she is (of course) royalty, and she's a sweet, loving soul.
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my cat

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