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The Purr-fect Smiley Icon For Your Cat(s)

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I came across this smiley - - and thought, "Geez! That's purr-fect for Geronimo!", because he has two purr-sonalities: the 'devilish' side that's always getting into trouble, and the sweet, loving, 'angel' side that he shows on occasion. He's always 'see-sawing' back & forth between the two extremes!

This would be Winchester - - b/c he never walks by you w/o giving you a love-rub.

Maverick is the lover-boy of the bunch, so he's a combination of and

Spencer isn't the brightest crayon in the box - he's a But I still love him to pieces.

Gabriel is a hermit, and always in hiding: this is him -

Do any of the smiley icons fit the purr-sonality of your cat(s)?

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This is cute Ike
Ike most of the time :
Ike when she does something bad
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Sliver -
Snowball -
Sage -
Sushie -
Spooky -
Spici -
Shilo & Sadee -
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Trouts would be a combination of these and I will tell you why...

because she is hyper
: because she is shy with strangers
because she gets mad easily
because she is evil
because she eats everything in sight
she is scared of everything
she is scared of EVERYTHING!
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Let's think for a second........
because that's what she looks like when she spazes out.
Because she hits her head on everything
Because she is such a mammas girl
Because she is always up to something
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Linus definitely is the following

Sassy most of the time is
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Popsie doesn't get a smiley because there isn't one in there for FLAKEY!!!
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Dina is deffinately

She will be so sweet and happy to see you one moment and then ready to play and tear up the next. . . Two face brat. . .

I love her though. . .
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Dylan is , because he's in charge around here -- but he's also , because he looooves affection...

Sassy is and to the other cats, but to Mom and me, she's ...

Clyde is to any kitty who bothers Pearl... and he's because he's alllllways hungry... but when it's bedtime, he's to me...

[continued in next post]
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[continued from previous post]

Abby is because she's so afraid of the other kitties that she lives in a room by herself... but to my mom, she's all ...

St. John is and and and and the of the famiy...

Pearl is because if another cat so much as breathes on her when she's not expecting it, she screeches like she's being murdered! But she's also , because it was her sweet little sideways "scritch my cheek" head-tilt that caused me to think of making that smiley in the first place!

And of course, they're ALL
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He's always sleeping!

When he's awake he's soo hyper!!

Because you can't help but kiss that sweet kitty face!!!!

Because he likes to dash out in front of your feet knowing that I will twist and turn my body and fall to avoid hurting him.

Because every time he enters a room his eyes get really big. I imaging him saying, "WOW!!!! Look at all this stuff!!!!"
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Popsie doesn't get a smiley because there isn't one in there for FLAKEY!!!
How about or or ??

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Beauty is like:

when she sees birds
when there's strange people around
when she's with me
when she's had cat milk
and also
when she sees me (I don't even have to be watching her for her to be like that!)
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Raven is "the good kitty" He's the boss kitty and runs the place.
he's a greeter
he can throw down like nobody's business if challenged
and he's a sweetie

Nabu isn't the brightest crayon in the box
he's also a clown
he's a brat
he's not the brightest crayon in the box
he's a big sweetie

Stimpy is a brat.
he's a lover and a big sweetie pie.
he keeps Nabu groomed
he's afraid of rugs and random piles of laundry
And he's the most laid back cat I've ever met

I love them all. They're great. Stimpy's personality meshed so well that integration was a breeze.
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Originally Posted by Jarvis View Post
This is cute Ike
Ike most of the time :
Ike when she does something bad
That's Enzo when he does something bad. Last night I got up FIVE times because he was scratching at the door, every time I opened the door no one was in the hallway

Enzo (still 12.5!!!)
Leya (where AM I!)
Stuart (pet me pet me)
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Mitzi has several emoticons lol for a number of reasons...

- totally crazy, and because she has spazzy fits around the house lol
- because she does like a bit of love, for about 3 seconds a day
:angry: - bcuz she gets mad easily and throws a biting fit on you (no emotions with biting so that had to do lol)
- one minute she's all cuddly, thje next minute shes a devil
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Some of us had a lot of fun with this thread, so I thought I'd bump it if any of you newbies want to join in!

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Chynna is all until Liberty Mouse comes around her then she is She also has a tendency to when she thinks that hubby has done her wrong.

Liberty Mouse is with us. Then he wants to play with Chynna and she wants nothing to do with it.
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Eva is
Timmy is
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Hmm this looks really fun!

Trinity is because she disappears when anyone doesn't know comes over
Otherwise she is with a little thrown in

Pooka is but also

Ezekiel is and I am usually this when he is not cuddling!
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Monster is :

cuz he hits his head all the time.

when i have a bagel cuz cream cheese is his favorite.

most of the time.

on catnip, which he rarely gets cuz hes already a nut

when he does something hes not supposed to do & im like

in the morning time & when he wakes up from his naps.

when its time for me to get up in the morning to feed him..

but all in all he is the love of my life..
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here're mine...
Chip he's a real flirt!
Cable the undisputed ruler of the house.
Pixel well, she's a senior, now, so she snoozes a lot!
Java she's a real lover.
Firefox she's always running somewhere!
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all of these because he's such a lover and just loves hugs and kisses

because he's always smiling and always seems to be on cloud nine

because he loves the sun so much!

that's how he get's when it's time to eat

this is him waiting at his dish for more food and when mommy doesn't give him more food

because he's the king and he knows it!!
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OMG - this is too hysterical! I loved reading everybody's "smiley" descriptions of their kitties!

OK - let's see....

Tuxedo: : - because he doesn't walk, he bounces around and because he IS king cat!

Shelly: because he's kind of stupid, because he sleeps a lot, and 'cause he's such a happy guy.

Lazlo: because he's usually scared of something, because it usually turns out to be nothing, and because when he does want pets, he is on cloud 9.

Ming Loy: because she LOVES hiding in bags, because she is always plotting something, because whatever IT is, "she" didn't do IT (yeah right!), and because she's handicapped and always flops onto the floor upside down.

Spooky: because you can't walk anywhere without her being under foot she's trying so hard to rub on our legs even while we're walking (Her official name is "Spooky Underfoot,"), and : because she completely blisses out at scritches.

...and last but not least....

Flowerbelle: because she's completely crazy and constantly wants to run and play, because when we don't play with her she pushes our stuff off the tables to get our attention! ...and... because she is just sooooooooo happy to be alive!

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If she doesn't want to be cuddled
When she's caught on my clean laundry


When she's asleep on her head (which she does every night)
When she's having "a funny five minutes"
Because her balance is so bad tht she has been known to fall out of the litterbox

Tosca AND Bootie:

When we have food:
When we have something that LOOKs like food:
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Snickers :

Swannee :
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I love it!

Trouble- she is always fussing at someone.

Simon- because he's just not right.

Max- because he just makes me feel like a bright sunny day.

Sampson- he is such a crazy flirty guy.

Vanna- walks around on cloud nine all day. Nothing upsets her.

Tigger- is like a group hug.

Pooh- is just goofy.

Mia- she is a shy baby.

Mocha- He moves this fast too.

Takoda- Everyday is a new adventure for him.

Magnum- Best friend to Takoda.
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