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Who Do You Admire, and Why?

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I've always admired Helen Keller, b/c in spite of all her handicaps, she succeeded in triumphing over them, and moved on to inspire others. I think that's really awesome!

Do any of you have someone that you admire? And why do you admire that person?

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I admire all of the men and women that serve in the military. They are my heroes! I also admire my Great Grandma who passed away in 2005, she was an amazing woman.
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I admire my mother. She is everything I want to be. She has given me life; a home; love; fed me and clothed me; offered me shoulder to lean on when I had no strength left; offered me comfort when all I had was pain; showed me that no matter what mistakes I make in life, the world doesn't stop spinning; that when you hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there. She gave me hope and a reason for living when I had nothing but despair. She showed me what unconditional love really meant, for she loves me no matter what I do and no matter what disappointments I may offer her. But she has done this without ever asking for anything in return.

My mother is my guardian angel. I can do nothing but admire her.
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- We admire any person that will take out their time to help other people and/or animals.
- We admire anyone in the military who risks their lives for their country.
- We admire all those people who triumph over their past. People who have had a tough life & became successful adults no matter what their circumstances were.
Thank you to all the amazing people of the world! Keep up the great things you are all doing!
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I admire Tom Chaplin of Keane. Sings with the voice of an angel he does.
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I admire anyone who tries to give - to animals or people.

But I think you are asking also for what I call heroes? My heroes are Aristotle, Da Vinci, and Einstein, who all thought WAY outside the "box" of their day,

Hawkings, who overcomes his serious handicap with a mind that boggles my imagination,

and Terry Pratchett, who doesn't seem really to "belong" with the others, but who has made me laugh more than any other human on the planet, for which I am grateful!
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When I was a kid, the first person outside my family to become a hero to me was Paul Simon, the songwriter, singer, guitarist, and sometime partner of Art Garfunkel. I admired him not only as an artist, but also for the principles expressed in his songs.

It's been four decades since then, and by golly, he has always made me proud! Just the other day, he spoke before Congress to urge them to override Bush's outrageous veto against healthcare for poor children:


For decades, Paul Simon has been providing mobile medical care through specially-outfitted busses that visit poor neighborhoods in New York City, and he has endowed the city's public libraries, as well. He went to South Africa before the lifting of Apartheid in order to bring the world's attention to the music of South African blacks, helping to raise awareness of the anti-Apartheid movement... and he braved a firestorm of misinformed criticism for it before people finally figured out his purpose.

And of course, he's written some of the greatest songs of all time.

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Famous wise I admire Angelina Jolie. I love all the work she does in other countries to help out those who are in need. She seems very grounded despite being a little on the odd side. She has no problem getting down and dirty and actually gets out there and really does something to make a difference. Rather than simply cutting a check like other celebrities do.
On the other hand is my grandma. She is a wonderful, caring, joyful person. She took me in countless times no matter what type of immoral things I may have done in my past. She took great joy and time in helping to raise me. She is my best friend. She always wants to talk about anything. Gossip, work, my bf, how my mom is doing. If I don't call her at least once a week she calls to make sure I'm ok. It's a very reassuring feeling knowing someone thinks about and cares so much for me.
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