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sexual maturity in kitten?

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our nearly 5 month old male kitten is not fixed... yet. I've noticed that recently, when he plays with our 2 yr. old spayed female, he jumps on her back and bites her neck. Is he trying to say his hormones are kicking in? Is 5 months old too early to have him neutered? The female always throws him off, and often gives him a couple of solid bops on the nose, but he goes right back at it (men... )
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It is time for him to get clipped. Tell him he won't feel a thing!
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Kittens develop sexually at different rates, just like humans. Some develop very early - I've heard of females going into heat as young as 4 months! If he's exhibiting that behaviour already, it's time. Some humane societies are neutering as early as 8-12 weeks (to make sure it's done before the kitten is adopted out), and while I think that is too young, 5 months should be fine.
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A new book I got, written by a holistic vet, suggests waiting as long as possible to have a male cat neutered because the earlier it's done, the narrower the ureters (I think I got the right term) will be, becuase they need the hormones to fully develop. He has found this out with his long time in practice, becuase he noticed over time that the cats who were neutered at a young age had the most trouble with crystal blockage and the ones that were done later had the least trouble. He suggests no longer than 8 months so you reduce the risk of him developiing a spraying habit.
I just thought it was worth passing on for anyones info. Most vets probably don't know this fact.
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We had our male cat neutered at 5 and a half months. In Australia, the RSPCA and some vets do neuter/spay from about 12 weeks.

The Winn Feline Foundation is funding a study on the effects of early neuter/spaying, for those who are interested, this link is a summary progress report on their findings:


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