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Wow! I just realized something!

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I'm an Alpha Cat! I didn't even realise it! LOL!
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Well you realize it now! Congrats and keep on posting!
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Well done!!!

Keep chattin' and you'll notch up those posts in no time!!!!
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Congrats on Alpha status!!
Um..........this newbie has a question. How can you lose some of your credited posts??? This morning I had 20 posts and so I picked a new avatar. Then my next post should have been 21 but when I posted it said I only had 19 and was "kitten" status, although I still had my new avatar. How could I have gone backwards??
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Congrats on Alpha!! Keep Meowing at us, Janice. We like it!! LOL

TNCatFancier - did you delete a post or did you post to a thread that has been deleted? That's the only way I know of for post counts to go down.
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Heidi - No, didn't delete a post. I guess I must have posted to a thread that was deleted. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was feeling a little "Twilght Zoned"there for a moment. :paranoid3
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Congrats on becoming an Alpha
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Congrats!! hehe, just teasing!
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Now you just have to get to 1500 and your all set!!!

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Be happy you got a party!!! You are lucky!!! I have reached almost 8,500 posts and never had a party thrown for any of my milestones. Every time...6,000, 7,000, 8,000 I thought...THIS time someone will throw me a big party!!! (not that it matters, just throwing it in)
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Aww Debby, HAPPY 8472 posts!

And congrats to Nenners too. It's amazing how fast the posts go by eh?
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Awwwwww Tamme, you are sweet!!! Thanks!!!
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