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Dirty/bleeding? nose

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Bruce, our 9-month-old Red/silver (Calico to those of you from the USA!) tabby Maine Coon, has always had a tendency to get a dirty nose - dry sticky black bits in his nostrils. I used to assume it was just an accumulation of dust that showed up on him because of his pale skin and fur (we don't really notice it on his sister, Sheila, who is a silver tortie tabby with black skin pigmentation). They are indoor cats.

When there is a lump of it, I tend to pick it off, but recently when I did so I noticed that the skin beneath it was a bit red, so I have tried not to fuss so much in case I was irritating his skin. But it has continued, and occasionally I have wondered whether it was in fact blood, not just dirt.

Two things are making my husband and I slightly worried:

1) Bruce has a tremendous purr, but sometimes it sounds almost wheezy/asthmatic, very low pitched but with some high squeaks in it.

2) One other cat bred by the same breeder died of a cancerous nasal tumour

Bruce seems completely healthy in all other respects, so we may be worrying about nothing, but does anyone else notice a dirty nose on their cats?


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i actualy have the same exact problem with my grey 2 1/2 Month old Torti Perssian, He has suet on his nose and he sneezes alot thus the name "Sneeze" i gave to hims. But other then that he happily runs in and out of the house at will, not one litter box used in a house of 12 cats...well just one
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I have a Cornish Rex who sometimes gets dark crusty stuff like that on her nose. She has a mild case of chronic herpes (kitty cold) and occasionally has runny eyes/nose and a little congestion from it. It's pretty common, and could be what your boy has. If you're worried it wouldn't hurt to take him to the vet.
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I have 2 cats that have health problems and both have the dirty nose you describe. One has asthma and the other has stomatitus. Bring it up at his next vet appointment.
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Thanks for your replies!

Both Bruce and Sheila have occasional sticky bits (like human 'sleep') under their eyes, but I assumed that this was normal?

Our next vet appointment isn't planned until their annual check-up in the middle of next year! But our concerns are minor and Bruce seems so healthy otherwise, so I think we won't arrange an extra appointment unless any of his symptoms worsen - unless someone else has a bad story to share in the meantime!

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