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Question of the Day - October 23rd

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do you know what your heritage is?

I'm German, Irish and English
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German, Irish, Scottish and Cherokee.
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Scottish, English, German, French, Italian, and supposedly Cherokee.
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I am Finnish, Hubby is Norwegian & Finnish...
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100% English
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Irish, English, Native American.
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Native American (Mohawk) Irish, Scottish, English and French mostly.... Just call me Canadian!
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I´m Mexican........but I´m more proud to say that I´m Yucatecan!...
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German through and through I am a first generation Canadian!
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Lets see I am an American. Both of my parents were born in America and my dad's parents were born in America. My mom's parents were born in America. I think but I am not positive that my mom's dad's mom was 100% Apache. I do know I have a lot of Dutch in there from my dad's side and possibly some German from my mom's side.
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Spanish, Native American, German, Dutch, American All that make Pale ME.
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Big cocktail of things....mostly Finnish.
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Both Parents were born in the U.S. so I'm American. All my grandparents were born here as well.

The closest relative I have to a foreign country would probably be my great-great grandma as she was from Ireland.

Otherwise the settlers on my dad's side came over in the late 1700s from Germany and my moms family came over in the mid 1800s from well England/Ireland.

the cool thing is that one ancestor traced my mom's side all the way back to the 1200s. I have links to Vikings!!
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Irish and Italian.
My Grandparents on my Mom's side were born in Italy...My Mom was born here in America.
My Grandparents on my Father's side were born in Ireland as was my Father.
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I actually have a very extensive family tree, dating back to 1500's in some lines.

I'm a large mixture of lots of things, German, French, English, and Cherokee mostly, with some Dutch, Irish, Scottish thrown in, and who knows what else I just don't know about yet!
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I'm 50% Italian, 25% German, 19% Polish, and 6% Greek.

Knowing my heritage is a very important thing in my family. I'm a thrid generation American from all but one of my Grandparents, who makes me a 4th generation American.

DH doesn't know his heritage and I find that sad. He knows he has some German, Scotch, and Irish in him, but doesnt know the rest, just that there is more.
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100% German=100% Canadian
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German and polish.
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Scandinavian... There is Swedish and Danish blood in our family going back several generations on my mothers side. All English on my father's side though I'm a Dane at heart though.....
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I am a fifth generation Canadian, however both sides of my family can trace it's roots back to Scotland. My fathers family Surname has been around for centuries although the spelling has been altered a couple of time. I even have a coat of arms, and a tartan.
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French, Polish and Portuguese.
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german, english, scotish, irish, danish and I heard rumours that there is a little japanese on my father's side, my hubby is Norweigen/english
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Born & raised in America, but my heritage is mostly Norwegian/German (or so I'm told! .) Being partly German would explain my stubborn streak..

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Born and raised in Canada, but both of my folks are from Korea.
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Italian! The other half is Native American and German. . . He has the most gorgeous hair!
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Oh you will love this: I am Scottish, French, Indian and Hillbilly
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3rd and 4th Generation Oregonian!!!

Native American, French Native American, French, Dutch, English, Polish

If you know me, it really explains a lot
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Irish, Luxembourg, and a smidge of English.
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