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flea problem???

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We have a male (sly) and girl (sasha) whom are about 2 years old. Sly woke up with a bald spot on his neck we took both of them to the vet and he found flea poop but no fleas on them. He gave us frontline plus (I think thats the name) and we put it on them on Friday. They are still scratching like crazy and it is now Tues. How long does it take to kick in? We also washed all our sofa coverings and bedding and vacuumed the whole house, we have all hard wood floors too. I have read about cutting up a flea collar and sticking the pieces in the vacuum, can I do this is I have a bagless vacuum? Also what else can I do to my house to get rid of the fleas? I plan on trying to wash them tonight, but that probably wont work with Sasha. I will also try the salt on the rug trick too for our area rugs. We check and we cannot find any fleas on them. Any ideas?
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I think its surposed to work within a few hours. It kills all life stages of fleas. Look up the website for Frontline to see how often to use it in the beginning, as you need to kill the newly hatching fleas.
I think you could put pieces of cut flea collar in your vaccuum & replace as you empty. Use one small piece at a time & keep remaining collar in a sealed bag to keep fresh & out of harms way.
Maybe they had an allergic reaction to the Frontline Plus, I've hear this with dogs. I've always used Advantage on my dog & I now use Revolution on my 1 y/o cat.
Fleas don't live on animals, they jump on to feed.
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Frontline is supposed to kill any fleas on the cat within 24 hours. It can take longer to completely get rid of the fleas in the house, because new ones will hatch and hop on the cats before they get killed by the Frontline. Also, any bites they had before may still be itchy. Even one bite can make a sensitive cat miserable for a week.
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It takes 3 months to completely stop the flea cycle.
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So basically what I need to do is try things in the house and the frontline will work in due time? They still are scratching a lot which is my concern. any other ideas to clean up my house? Or things I can try with them?
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