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Update on my mother in law

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She had the scope done on her lung today and the results don't look good. The amount of tissue damaged by infection is enormous. It is also in a spot they can only reach by surgery and she may not be strong enough to survive surgery, or even if she does survive, she would get pneamonia very easily. John and his family are feeling very discouraged. The doctor told them today that she will have good and bad days - mostly bad- and will never actually get better. She will probably become house ridden when she gets out of the hospital.

Please continue your prayers for her. We are going to try and get another opinion!
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Very sorry to hear her news wasn't good. She is in our thoughts.
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Always, always get a second diagnosis!! And start educating yourself on the problems and possible therapy/operations.

If it helps any, doctors are only one source of info, but they cannot predict every outcome. We were told my mother was going to die when I was 5 years old. Her body just decided to shut down one day and wouldn't process anything. She went down to just skin and bones and the doctors had no course of action. She went through 3 hospitals over a 2 year period in Toronto and saw all the 'specialists' but it was no good.

My mother today is very healthy and enjoying life. Just as her body decided to stop processing it then switched back on. She is in a couple of medical journals and doctors have totally called her case a 'miracle'.

My point to this Ady, is get all the facts you can and look for every option possible with this knowledge. Doctors are not Gods, so always, always get a second opinion until your satisfied with the next course of action.

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On Ady, sweetie that is bad news. I'm sorry your MIL is feeling so poorly.

I do hope that another doctor might be able to approach the illness from another angle. Keep us posted and until them, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts.
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OMG!! Ady!! I am SO sorry to hear this!!! Is she going to have the surgery then or not? Either way doesn't sound very good, and I am continuing to pray for you and John and his mom. Please keep us posted. I think getting a second opinion is a really good idea, too!!! My thoughts are with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ady, I've kept her in my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear this news.
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I am so sorry about your MIL, she is in my prayers!

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Things have gotten much worse. She is now in intensive care. She woke up this morning to go to the bathroom and couldn't breathe. Her lung had collapsed. She is now on pure oxygen and the had to send her for a catscan and another X-Ray. Supposedly there is a huge difference in yesterday's X-ray and todays. Ther is now "white" areas in her good lung, which may be blood, aspiration or a re-occurance of her cancer. Things are not looking good. Please keep the prayers coming as we need them more then ever! Thanks Kass for your encouraging story. I keep trying to tell everyone one that she is a fiesty woman with a lot of fight, but she has almost no physical strenght left and she is very afraid! Thank you everyone for your continuing prayers. I apologize if I am not on her often for the next little while, but I will try to keep you up to date! If she dies, I don't think John's dad will last long with out her.
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Oh Adrienne, I am so sorry to hear this. I am sending prayers your way and will keep your MIL in my prayers tonight. Please keep us posted. Don't worry about not being here much.....we understand! Just know we are thinking about you.
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Ady, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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Ady, I'm so sorry this is happening!!! You totally know we are here for you and if you get the chance let us know what is happening.

Your totally in our mind and hearts!!


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I am so sorry to hear things are worse!!!!! My prayers are continuing to go up for her!!! If you need to talk, I am here!!!!! We love you!!!
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Ady -

I am so sorry to hear about her pain and fear. I am praying for the best for her and for all of you.
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Well the doctor said it was a miracle. The expected her to be dead by the end of the weekend and as of yesterday she was actually moved out of intensive care! She still has a long way to go and will probably need surgery, but all of your prayers have helped. Thank you so much and please keep praying as she is not out of the woods yet!.
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Oh Ady, any news like that is good news! Keeping her in my prayers, and sending you lots of hugs!!!!!

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Oh Ady!!! That is great news!!!!! I hope she continues to get better and better!!!!!! Keep us posted, I am thinking about you and praying for her!
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