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Opie and dogs

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It looks as though Opie is NEVER going to become reconciled to having dogs in the family. Ike learned to leave Opie alone, rather quickly. Pearl, on the other hand, persists in trying to get Opie to play.

The dogs spend their days outside, which suits Opie. In the evenings, however, they come in and play with Bill, Rowdy and me. To keep them out of the cat food, we put up a baby gate, between the Arizona room and kitchen.

A couple of times, this week, Pearl dashed into the living room, before we got the gate up. She spotted Opie, lying on the couch and made a beeline for him. I've never seen Opie so PO'd. His ears went flat, he hissed, spat, growled and swiped at Pearl. Pearl does not understand "back off, dog". She continued to try to play. I had to drag her out of the room.

Opie has taken to sitting in the Arizona room window, watching the dogs on the patio. Whenever one or both of them gets close, Opie hisses, growls and scratches at the window. Its fun to watch him carry on so, when the dogs can't get near him. He gets so angry, that he hissed at Bill, when Bill tried to pet him. I guess Opie blames Bill, for bringing dogs home.

Hopefully, as Pearl gets older, she'll learn proper manners, where Opie is concerned.
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Poor Opie!!! He probably can't understand what those strange creatures are doing in his territory!!!
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I'm sure Pearl will learn her manners sooner or later. A few more swipes and she'll get Opie figured out.
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Months ago, Opie laid five, across Ike's nose. Once was enough and Ike is VERY respectful, of Don Opie.

Opie hasn't connected with Pearl, yet. She is so young and energetic, she wants to play, all of the time. Opie is not playful, by nature. He'll romp with Rowdy, on occasion but, NOT with dogs!
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