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Help, how do I sooth her?

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So as most of you know, San Diego is being ravaged by fires. Luckely we are not in the fire zone, yet.

My problem is with KarmaMonkey, she is acting very nervous and jumpy. I know she can smell the smoke, we all can. How do I explain to her that as of now we are okay and if worse came to worse she would still be safe? She seems to know something is up, every tv station is just running news of the fires, her dad and I are stressed out by it. We have friends that are like family right in the path of it. She knows something big is happening. So far she really does not want to eat or drink, all she does is sit by the door and cry. I know she can smell the smoke and see it in the air. Its like she is just sitting and waiting for the fire to come.

How do I console her and tell her that we are safe for now and no matter what mom and dad woll protect her. I love her and think of her like my child but how do you tell a cat everything will be okay?
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Look up Bach's Flower Remedies (Google) and find one that's appropriate (someone else here will probable know which ones). The name sounds flaky, but they're actually pretty good holistic fixes and extremely safe, and have been used all over for years.
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We're getting ready for a big move. I'm using the Feliway diffuser (you could also get a bottle of the spray if you don't want to use the diffuser) and Bach's Rescue Remedy in their water. It does seem to be helping. I added the Rescue Remedy a couple weeks ago and I have seen a bit of a difference.

A few years ago I used it for a different reason (Raven's interstitial cystitis) and didn't really see results. This time I'm mostly using it for Stimpy's aggression and anxiety and I see it helping.

Also, the Feliway REALLY helps. When mine runs low we have some "issues" crop up.
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