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Enclosure joined to house?

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Anyone here with indoor kitties have outdoor enclosure joined to the house? With the next house, the front of the backyard is level with the roof, then goes up steeply. The house is set lower facing a retaining wall. The problem is, the most ideal place is in the backyard, even though the front yard is set far back (but harder to keep an eye on kitty) there are two sets of steps going up the backyard, and Charlie sometimes is impatient when i take him in and out of the house. I can't imagine trying to get him up these steep steps, which means ill have to hold him longer and if he struggles ill have a fun time trying not to fall over. Does anyone here have any ideas, or pictures of putting a tunnel from a window into an enclosure? Preferably one to walk under, not over as we have the garden and paving to think about. Any help would be great!
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Here's a couple of websites with enclosures, these are the ones I have bookmarked for when I build mine

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Hissy has one and I think they used a flexible pipe of some sort. She has a thread on it somewhere.


Here she talks about getting irrigation tube.

You may want to contact her for pictures.
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Interesting idea on a tunnel thing. I've seen some cat enclosures that are more tunnel like - not sure how you'd work with it for your idea. Eventually we will either enclose the patio or put a gazebo on it and take the pets out there when we sit in it
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