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Supper Time!

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Of course, I have to feed 2 seperate ways.

Twitch, Lily, & Damita live stricly upstairs, so they eat on the dinning room table...Twitch is wondering if there's anything better~

Then Dorian, Ophelia, PJ, & Punky live strictly downstairs...and get fed on the steps because there is no way I could make it any further down the stairs without PJ tripping me!

Can you guys tell which is PJ & which is Dorian?
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Twitch is like heyu,, his is what you are feeding me?
lol from the side hmm hard to tell, i will go with the top one is Dorian
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Gosh feeding time looks like fun! Or at least an adventure!

I guess Dorian on the top and PJ on the bottom!
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PJ is the lighter coloured one!

But there isn't much difference between them now!!
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Oh look at them on each stair, how sweet is that!
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I think PJ's the lighter one on the bottom, but boy do they look like twins these days...really cute twins

I love the synchronized eating...I've always got one sniffing around, making digging motions, sniffing the other's butt...then he eats
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PJ is on the bottom, he's the one inhaling the food. He's bigger than Dorian now!
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