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Doctor's Office (long rant)

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So today I went into the doctor to do another UTI test to make sure the infection is gone before my surgery on Monday. When I got to the receptionist's desk, she said, "You're co-payment is $15." I asked her why because it's just for lab work. She checked with the nurse and told me that in order to do a UTI test I have to see the doctor. So I payed my payment. The first thing the nurse asks me is if I have to empty my bladder KNOWING that is why I came!! So I emptied my bladder and waited in the waiting room for the doctor. When the doctor FINALLY came into the room, she acted like she didn't even know me! She has a private practice so she doesn't have too many patients. I have been to that doctor's office at least once a week for the past few months dealing with my heart and blood clot issues!! If that wasn't bad enough...when I tried to tell her what was happening and that it was very important to have the infection cleared up BEFORE monday for my heart procedure...she wouldn't even let me talk!! I was able to tell her how I had a severe allergic reaction to the last antibiotic. Then she asked what kind of reaction. I barely made a peep before she cut me off again!! She said, "Yeah, uh-huh, well I'm going to put you on... (cant remember name of medicine). Then she sent me on my way! I had to pay $15 for what??? I didn't get to say anything. I wasn't even in there a full minute!! Do doctor's ever treat you like that? I mean my health is fair right now...if I have more concerns I need them answered!!!
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I found my doctor always treated me like that until I went to nursing school. Then I guess he figured he could no longer get away with it and has become more thorough and actually takes time to listen to me. Not that he ever remembers what I say.

One thing about some doctors: all you are to them is a chart with "symptoms" and I can tell you that prior to them even seeing you they have already diagnosed you from your chart and entrance complaint. They also guage their "diagnosis" on what you look like when they actually enter the room and look at you.

A large percentage of the time they are usually correct because they have thousands of hours of experience assessing people and have pretty much heard it all before.

Unfortunately some doctors become blasais (spelling?) about the whole thing and go in and do what they have to do as quickly as they can so they can move onto the next patient and be able to see as many patients as they can in a day so that they make more money.
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Yes, doctors have treated me like that -- but never more than once.

The worst was when I'd been having gastric reflux for years (work stress) and was concerned that I might have developed a precancerous condition in my esophagus from it, so I went to a GP to get a referral for endoscopy. That was all I needed, and I told her so when she came into the room, but she picked up my chart and looked at it while I was talking.

Then she looked down my throat and into my nose. "Your nasal passages are a little bit red," she told me. Then she walked out.

Ten minutes later, a nurse came in with a little sample bottle of nasal spray, handed it to me, and said, "Okay, all done!"

And for that, I received a bill for $187, for a "New Patient Workup."

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I feel for you, really. I've had many doctors like that over the years. My current one is no different. Which is why I'm going to switch to someone else. Most likely a naturopath. I don't know too much yet, but I want one that has traditional training and Naturopathic training on top of it. I believe there are some out there that way. Don't know. I had a doc back in CHicago who was aMAZing. She listened, cared. I miss her. She called me her 'little troublemaker' because I always came in for things like a badly sprained ankle. She had a sense of humor. Dang, I miss her. If I could afford it, I'd move back there just so I could have her as my doc again.

If you can, switch to someone new, but do your homework, ask people who they'd recommend, make your first appt an interview with that doc. That's what I'm going to do for my next doc. I'm not going in blind like this last lady. She dismisses anything that comes out of my mouth that isn't a direct symptom. Yeesh. my doc back in Chicago listened and actually agreed that one of my theories may be correct... and it was. They get so full of themselves... it's sad really. I think every med student needs to watch Patch Adams at least three times, and then watch it again throughout their time in practice. I love that movie.

Hang in there... Not all doctors are unfeeling icebergs.

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I just don't understand why anyone who didn't care about people to want to become a doctor? I don't care how much training you've had, I know my body more than ANYONE else! I know when something is wrong. The same doctor tried to dismiss the blood clot in my arm as a pinched nerve! I finally convinced her to get tested and turned out I had a stroke in my arm from a blood clot from my heart! After that she didn't tell me to get off birth control. It was at least 2 months after that when they told me I could die on birth control due to mutations in my blood causing clots!!!!! It's like thank God the first clot didn't shoot to my brain, and then knowing I was a walking time bomb until I got off the pill. Still she tried to put me on a different method containing hormones. I had to see a hematologist for them to tell me I could never have anything with hormones EVER again!
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