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new cat in the house and mine is insane

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One of my roommates got a new kitten a few days ago, now my cat is acting insane.

As a little background on my cat, I got her when she was very young and she grew up around a dog (she is spayed). She tends not to be afraid of them and will give them the benefit of the doubt, after a while I moved to my current house and one of my roommates has a siamese cat who is very laid back and doesn't react to anything. My cat initially hated him but has gotten to the point now where she may at times attempt at least to be somewhat playful with him, like batting at his legs when he walks by her (which she does to me).

One of our neighbor's kittens was a frequent visitor to this house about a year ago and during that time I had the same problem, a very bad attitude from my cat towards it, but instead of her taking out her aggresion on it she would take it out on me instead. Now that there is a new kitten in the house she is doing the exact same thing, she will start growling at me the moment she sees me as though the coming of the kitten is my fault. I can't pet her and she will attempt to scratch my face if I try to pick her up.

I'm afraid that my relationship with my cat may deteriorate faster than her acceptance of the new kitten comes in (if it comes at all, we believe that the reason the neighbor's cat never comes over anymore is because mine attacked her pretty badly) I don't think I can introduce them in any way without putting the kitten at risk and I'm at a loss of what to do about my relationship with my own cat.

what recommendations do you have? I don't want to ask my roommate to get rid of the kitten, but it may have to be what happens in the end unless I can find something that works.
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The cats need to be seperated and introduced slowly.
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While some cats are fine being introduced right away, others do need to be separated. You can find info here and here
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A good idea for seperating cats yet letting them still see each other or see you if your dealing with ferals is to adapt these guinea pig cages made out of storage cubes or shelving units: http://www.guineapigcages.com/cubes.htm

A cat version of the cage: http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos...cat/perpage/12
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I agree - you need to do the introductions gradually. We separated Bijou and Mika for one full month before allowing them alone together. In that month they were allowed in the same room together as long as we were there to supervise and if there was any inkling of a fight they were immediately separated until the next night.
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