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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Exactly what I am thinking. There is a way to make a point without calling someone's mom hateful names when you don't even know the woman. I would be pretty ticked if someone called my mother those names no matter what she did.
I totally agree. Not only is it crude, but also a little vulgar. I would be appalled if anyone who I did not know spoke with such disrespect about my family.
The facts may present themselves in this misunderstanding/accident, but there is a way one conduct's themselves tactfully when addressing concerns and giving out advice.
Margecat, I am so terribly sorry about what happened. There is no way now to determine what may have helped your poor kitty, but the one thing I really am disappointed and upset about is that your mom did NOT consult YOU first. That is the biggest mistake in this horrific tradegy.
She may not have wanted to be burdened by the constant yowling and health problem. There is no telling. The only way you will find out is by talking to her face to face.
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That is SO unfair! Poor little Selena... you should post a memorial for her on the Rainbow Bridge topic. I'm awfully sorry about your loss.

There are plenty of humans that are obese and lose the weight; or else they learn to cope. Selena could have done that, too. Your mom was wrong, wrong, WRONG--and with somebody who could've taken the cat right there, too!

My mom put my cat Tiger to sleep, too, without telling me; but it was because mine turned FIV positive. I felt betrayed. Still do. Tiger was my first cat and I will always remember her. And my second cat, Daffy, died in a fight because Mom insisted on letting him out despite a lot of mean feral toms, and Daffy a tiny little neutered male...

I guess I have a mom whose opinions about cats are a lot like your mom's.

I have two cats of my own now, and they are indoor cats, and if they ever turn up FIV-positive they will get treatment and a decent shot at life...

So I guess I've been there.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Serial killers usually start on animals before graduating to people, do they not?
Yeah, but as children and teenagers, not as older women. And when serial killers do "start on animals" it's definitely not by euthanasia at the vet's. No thrill for them. Please, if you are going to jump to conclusions, know your facts.

Margecat, I am so sorry that you have to go throught this terrible experience. Last week, we had to put to sleep our beloved dog, Lady, and I would have been devastated and furious if I had not known and helped in the decision making process beforehand.

She may have passed too soon, but take care knowing Selena is fit and happy again, and knows you love her with all your heart. Please don't feel guilty; she knows that there's nothing for you to feel guilty about.

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Even if Margecat's mom had a justifiable reason for putting Selena to sleep (and IMO, she didn't - especially considering the fact that the vet advised against it) she STILL should have consulted her first: it was HER cat. No one else should make that decision besides the cat's owner, and the vet. unless the owner isn't capable of doing so. I myself don't think that Margecat's mom had a justifiable reason for doing what she did..

And Zane, your comments are indeed, rude & unnecessary. You could have been more diplomatic in what you said. How would you like it if someone called YOUR mom names, w/o even knowing her or her circumstances?

Margecat, again - I am so sorry for your loss and the way it was handled. I hope that you & your mom can sit down and talk about this, and hopefully come to terms over this. I know it's difficult to forgive someone who's betrayed you in such a way, but we only have one mom. I don't believe that your mom did this out of any kind of spite or malice, but I do think it was a selfish thing to do - especially since she knew you would have taken Selena yourself. I'm so sorry.

RIP, Selena.


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I'm so sorry bout Selena. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I dont know how your mom could do this,if she couldnt take care of her anymore she should have given her back to u and dh. Donna
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whoa whoa whoa...

looks like some fires have broken out here.
I am SO SORRY that this happened to you and your beautiful baby. I'm sure you will work through this in a way that is appropriate. Please hang in there and know that kitty is in a good place now...

and Zane!
shame on you... that is not the way we talk to eachother here...
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How rude!

Margecat, I am so sorry. We are all here for you
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Margecat, I'm so sorry for the loss of Selena. I think your mom made a horrible mistake when she put Selena down, but it wasn't done to be cruel, it was just a mistake, and she was trying to do what was best for the poor cat. Is it possible your mom misunderstood your intentions and thought she was the owner, and that's why she didn't talk to you before making such a serious decision?
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