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I have a soft e-collar on my cat and I feel so bad for her. Its a soft e-collar but still...she seems miserable with it on. anyone ever have to do this? the vet says keep it on a week. Im afraid she will somehow take it off when we are a work. anyways this sucks
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Oliver had to wear an Ecollar for 10 days after an injury last summer and he was miserable in it... I would give him like 45 minute breaks from it while he was closely supervised so he wouldn't reopen the wound... I'd also keep an eye on him throughout the day to see if he showed interest in the litter box, then I'd take it off so he could hop in and go (he's a big digger and just couldn't do his potty routine in the collar)... I definitely made him wear it whenever he was alone - if it's worn properly, the cat shouldn't be able to get out of it... Ollie was funny cuz he acted like it was the end of the world when he was wearing it then as soon as I took it off, he was back to his regular self... I did leave it on the whole 10 days because he frequently went after the wound during breaks, so I made sure it was fully healed before setting him free for good haha
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I think this medicine is making her drowsy..ill do a little research on it

its called ketoconzole..its a cream
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Quite possibly - I'm not familiar with that med off hand... my vet did give me a pain killer/stress reliever/relaxer (homeopathic called traumeel I believe) when this happened and he was kinda out there on it... but his mood was definitely different in the collar and out of it...
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When my cats had to wear E-Collars, we had the hard ones. I tried making a soft one, but they kept dipping it in their water.

I would give them a break at mealtimes from the collar. It also gave me an opportunity to clean it.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
I would give them a break at mealtimes from the collar. It also gave me an opportunity to clean it.
Haha, yeah Oliver got an upset tummy one of the days he was wearing it - talk about messy! I'd much rather clean the floor than a cat head and the giant lampshade that surrounds it!
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If it's on right it won't come off, and it's a miserble thing watching them bump into walls and look pathetic... I was advised to have one on Seamus after his neuter, which was unusual but I followed orders as much as it broke my heart to see him so pathetic... the upside, he was far more affectionate and loved hugs when he had it on... Then he went back to demon child when I took it off

It's a tough thing to deal with but you don't want her to make her injury worse
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I found that one of my cats preferred a transparent e-collar. If you've got the soft disposable paper collar, I think a cat feels hemmed in because she can't see through it. If you get one of those transparent plastic e-collars, then she can see through it and not feel so hemmed in. The other option would be to cut down the paper e-collar so your cat can see around the edges, but depending on what you're using it for that might render it ineffective.
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my cat is a big fan of Criss Angel and the Mindfreak Show. She is in love with his cat "hammy" She also knows magic and can escape from anything....especially her e-collar!!

shes doing much better with it...she even plays with it on. I would say in a couple of days she can take it off for good cause the ringworm is almost gone.
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My cat has had to wear one for the last two weeks because of an allergic reaction in her ears. We started with the hard plastic collar and she hated it. She layed around pretty miserable in it for days. I finally got my soft-e collar in the mail late last week and she has been doing a lot better in it. It's easier for her to eat her food and and more comfortable when she sleeps. I believe she can actually get out of it a lot easier than the plastic collar, but since it doesn't bother her as much she doesn't try as hard to squeeze out of it. I give her breaks occaisonally to eat, but since her ears are so bad I can't really let her out of it for more than a few minutes and only while she is distracted with food.

It's very likely your cat will get out of the collar at some point. My cat has gotten out of both the plastic collar and the soft-e collar on a few occaisions if she has bumped up against something the right way. I think you just have to do your best to check as often as you can to make sure they are in it. Obviously you can't watch them 24 hours a day, but I figure the least amount of damage they do the better. Also, I think the longer they are in it the more they get back to a normal mood and don't act as depressed. After wearing it for a while now my cat is finally doing some normal things like jumping up into her cat tree and watching birds outside the window. Good Luck with your kitty!
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i got one of the soft clear plastic collars when i had my cat neutered at a mobile spay clinic. it's nice that it's so light and not overly deep, but a collar is still a collar, and there's nothing more pathetic than watching a cat, still woozy from anesthetic, trying to negotiate the couch with one of those things on!

i ended up taking it off him after the first day, but i think for a neuter it's not normally necessary. some vets seem to push it as a necessity just to cover all the bases.
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It is hard to watch them in their e-collars. Starbuck was an escape artist the first day she had it on after her spay. I was home from work with her that day since it was a dayoff for me. After a few days she slowly did start to adjust to it. She used her e-collar to spray kitty litter. When I was home I would take it off for her to go to the bathroom. I put her food and water in large bowls. It took me a couple tries with the water bowl to find one she would not knock over. I did give her breaks from the collar when I was home. I had to keep the breaks short because she kept going after her stitches.
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