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not even a cat person!

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My BF recently adopted a kitty from the local kill shelter and she's a complete DOLL!!! she's playful and i'm falling for her!! ack!! dont ANYONE tell my babies (two boxers) or i might get in BIG trouble!!

her name is Marx and she's about a year old. she's a grey tabby (i think?). i don't have any pics of her yet, but will be taking some soon so u can see what a clown she can be.

i just wanted to introduce myself, and hopefully you guys can find it in your hearts to accept a dog lover as part of this site

vasha :daisy:
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Welcome to the site Vasha! Truth be told, I was a dog person before my kitties cam into my life. It was actually my hubby that was trying to convice me that we should get a cat. The bond a person can have with a cat is very special and unlike any other pet. Not better, just different.

We will welcome you with open arms, dog person, cat person, whatever. We're all really animal lovers, so feel free to tell us about your pups, too!

Jump on in to any forum around here. There's a ton of information in the Feline Companions forums, or come in and get to know us (and let us get to know you!) in The Cat Lounge.
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I'm wasn't a cat person either!!!

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Hey, I'm a big dog lover!!! I grew up around two dobermans, and was a dog walker for my neighbours two wolf mixes!!

If we didn't live in such a small renovation zone and urban jungle I would also have a dog !!!

Welcome! Take a look around when you get a chance and don't worry about asking questions. At one point or another, we have all asked something!

Enjoy your stay Vasha and I can't wait to see the pics!

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Hello!!! Welcome!!

: :blubturq:
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Hey, I wasn't an ANYTHING person ('cept maybe goldfish). I now adore cats.

It doesn't matter what you like, and animal lover is an animal lover and has to be a good person. Right?

Welcome, and hope to hear more about your furry family - kitty and boxers in due course.
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Vasha! Welcome aboard!! I'm a dog lover too!!! Actually I'm just an animal lover, period! I would love to see pics of your boxers, too! I love those little mini boxers, don't know what they are called, but I wish I had one!!!
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thanks you guys for the warm welcome!!

those mini-boxers?? boston terriers?

here's a site http://www.bostonterrier.org/

my kids are located at . . . a number of sites . . .


vasha :daisy:
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Very cute pups you have Vasha!
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aren´t they all animals that need love. You can never give too much love.If people could give more love there wouldn´t be any wars.
Nice to have you here in our happy cat group.So enjoy All the best Elisabeth
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