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This is all over the news in Europe, too, especially since it's reminiscent of what happened in Greece this past summer. My thoughts are with those going through this ordeal.
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The fires came within 1/2 mile of my sister's house in the 2003 Cedar fire. She says she's much more worried about this fire because the winds are so much stronger and it's a lot drier than it was in 2003. She's in between the Witch fire and the Harris fire too, with nowhere to go. Her ex-boyfriend's neighborhood (Spring Valley) was evacuated last night and his home will likely burn. Unfortunately, he's in Wisconsin right now visiting relatives and won't be able to save anything. This is so incredibly scary. My prayers are with all of you.
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The news pix are terrible - I do so feel for you all out there. Ilived in LA for two years, visiting San Diego many times, so I know how beautiful it is. I used to ride above Malibu, in the hills that are now burning. I can only send good vibes to all of you that you and yours live through it safely.
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Sending lots of }}}}}}}}}stay safe{{{{{{{{{{{
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I'm in Los Angeles. I'm not in a direct fire path, but the air is filled with smoke, and the cars are getting covered in ashes almost like snow fall. It's hot, like about 94 degree's but I am keeping all of my windows closed, so the smoke can't get in. I don't have A/C, so it's hot in my apartment, but at least my cats and I aren't breathing in any direct smoke from outside.
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I'm praying for everyone in San Diego.

Stay safe!
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Sending prayers your way, hope you are safe!
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Hope everyone in Southern CA stay safe and they get a handle on the fires soon. I used to live in Southern CA when I was a kid taking care of a relative. Now I'm currently in Central CA and we are being affected by the smoke.

Everyone is in our prayers and thoughts.
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So here is an updat, I am going to give a basic reveiw because there is so much info that I would be here for an hour just posting.

This moring the Harris fire in the Chula Vista(south, right mext to Mexico) area got way out of control and most of the area was evacuated. The Witch fire to the north also raged out of control and actually made it all the way to the coast in Del Mar(north of downtown San Diego). All of Del Mar and surrounding areas were evacuated. The numbers range in the area of 500,000-600,000 people evacuated from their homes. Somewhere between 1000-2000 homes have been lost and about 30 people total, firefighters and civilians have been injures. There has been one human death and many animals fron pets to livestock to wildlife have been lost. All fires are contained at different levels ranging from 1%(the Witch Fire) to 10%(the Harris Fire). About 30000 people are with out power or gas , Ramona is out of water. Their main pump broke the are under a mandatory order to boil all water. We have all been asked to restrick power and water use, to help the people who need to fight the fires.

This evening we finally got a break, it does not sound like much and things could change at any minute but for us its relief. THE WIND HAS STOPPED! Not just a lite breeze but fully stopped. The air is an erie still but it means the fires will not advance, for now in any way. Humidity levels have gone up into the double ditgets and their is talk that the arine layer will return on Thursday. Were are still under a red flag warning untill 3pm Wends. but acording to all predictions we should see some major reilf. No rain but higher humidities and little to no wind will help the fire fighters fight this blaze. The lack of wind has allowed the firefighters to fight the fire with fire. They are starting controled burns in the path of th efires so if they do advance they will reach an area with no fule and stop. Hopefully this will help save homes. We are expecting C130s(I think thats what they are, the big millitary cargo planes) to arive from all over the country today. Plus amny more helicopters to help fight it. Getting those will put a large dent in the fires.

The residents of Chula Vista have been alowed to return home,so have some areas of Del Mar and surrounding areas.

A few bad notes though from this evening, the residents of Julian, who were effected buy the Ceder Fire in 2003 are under a mandatory evacuation tonight. They are predicting the fire will turn and move east. Its sad most of these people just finished rebuilding from the last fire and were on the way to finally getting past it and now they have to go through it all over again.

More directly to me. Trader Joe's, the company I work for had to close 4 stores that were all in the path of the fire. No word yet if the stores made it. We have heard that one employee from one of the stores did lose their home. The ones that I work directl with that live in Ramona were evacuated and are safe. No one lost a thing. Because of the stores closing the company decided instead of cancelling all daily deliveris they just redirected the trucks and sent all the food to the emergency shelters. To give you an idea of how much was delivered these stores all recieve between 3-6 full size semitrucks, full 2 times a day. Almost all the people I work with now have refugies staying with them. A few have 10 poeple and pets staying in small one bedroom apartment. Its tight and they are tired but its worth it knowing family and friends are safe.

That is enough for now. Its 1am for me, and I did still work today. I have been up since about 6am yesterday morning just watching the news and hoping it got better. At midnight tonight the tv channels took a break from news finally after 2 days of continous coverage and are running normal shows. I so despretly need the mental break and just have a good laugh for a bit.

Thank you all for your thoughts, vibes and prayers. We are still not out of the woods but hopefully everything continues to get better. I will give an update tomorrow.

Good night for now.
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This just broke into regular programing. I know I still have not gone to bed yet. Its 2am but this is big.

Fallbrooke was told they could all return home this afternoon but within the last half hour 2 fires have started on Camp Pendelton and are moving east, fast. Fallbrooke and surrounding areas are being told to leave again. Its mandatory for them. The I5(interstate 5) is now closed in both directions. Small fires are starting to pop up all over. People in effected areas are now being told to start heading east.

It was such a fast news break that the news castter was still in civilian type clothing, a teeshirt and ball cap. They just threw him infront of the camera with the latest upedates.

Please continue to pray. We need all the help we can get. Donations can be made to the Red Cross. They ask all checks be made out to Red Cross San Diego Fires. All shelters are asking for canned dog and cat food, along with feed for all types of animals. Clothing, bedding, diapers, sanitary items are also needed. I am only posting this part for those of you who want to help but don't know how. If you want numbers or addresses for where to send things PM me or post here and I will let you know in the next day or so. My DH and I are putting together old towels and thing like the free samples I got for Karma to take and donate. We also plan on spending my days off for the next few weeks donating our time to help with the evacuated animals. Dogs need walkers cats need to be played with and all others need some loving care.

It seems like we were only out of the woods for a few hours. The wind is picking up and its getting bad again.
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You are still in my thought and prayers. Thanks for the update and stay safe. Please post the address of where to send clothes and stuff.
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Stay safe.

I read on the petconnection.com blog this morning that Petco is based in San Diego and is doing a lot to help fire victim's pets donation wise. And on Petco's website this morning they have a link for donations to help the pets involved.
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Oh man Del Mar. I used to vacation there every summer with my family. This is all so sad.
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I feel so terrible for eveyone out there. I was watching it on the news yesterday morning and it made me so sad to think of people losing their homes. I immediatly said a prayer for everyone and will continue to do so.
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I don't understand..how do these fires just randomly start!? I know its hot and not humid with no rain..but spontaneous combustion?? I don't get it

My friend in SD was not evacuated and they say he won't have to now, so thats good. I heard on the news this morning that the wind had slowed down too.

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Sending vibes that everyone stays as safe as possible, and that the fires clear up soon.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I don't understand..how do these fires just randomly start!? I know its hot and not humid with no rain..but spontaneous combustion?? I don't get it
I've been thinking about that too. I thought I heard that one fire started when a car caught fire. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that. I don't remember hearing anything else being said about why. I guess it could be a lot of things.

I know a few years ago we had a field fire here they determined was from someone throwing a still lit cigarette from their car window when they drove past. I see people do that all the time, but we're not in an area prone to forest fires like that.

As far as I've heard, my step-sister is doing fine out there. She's not one to say much at times so she's at home still as far as I know.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I've been thinking about that too. I thought I heard that one fire started when a car caught fire. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that. I don't remember hearing anything else being said about why. I guess it could be a lot of things.
So far nothing has been said regarding the cause of any of the fires. I think they are just trying to get a handle on the situation before they start looking for the cause. The only thing I heard was a fire started on Monday near the Wild Animal Park because a trasformer blew. Other than that there have been no coments.

Some updates, Ramona still has no water, if someone is in the area tries to go in to the area to check on their home they are told if they do try the faucets to NOT use the waer, boiling will not take care of the problems in the water. Many people are starting to be alowed in to their homes again. The list is large. Basicly today is much better, the smoke is still strong but the fires are starting to be contained and evacuations are being lifted. Hopefully things will continue to improve. The largest problem is the winds have shifted and are now blowing back inland from the water so all the smoke that was blown out over the ocean is now turning around and coming back to us.

For more info the best news channel, that is the most comprehensive is NBC. They have compiled all the info. You can click on any of the links and get up to the date info and maps. Here is the link

I am also including the stats from their site, there are a lot so this is long.

Firestorm Figures Updated Wed. 11:45 a.m.

Overall County Totals:
- Almost 300,000 acres burned
- 560,000 total number of people evacuated
- 50,000 have been able to return home
- 6 deaths related to the fires have been reported by the Medical Examiner.
- One is a "direct" fire death(Tecate).
- More than 1,350 structures destroyed

Witch Creek, Rice Canyon and Harris Fires destroyed:
- 686 single family homes
- 170 mobile homes
- 4 commercial buildings
- 194 accessory buildings
- 20,000 avocado trees
- 393 automobiles

Estimates on cost:
- Just the homes damaged will be over $1 billion

Harris Fire:
- 73,000 acres burned
- Suppression costs are at $2.5 million
- 200 homes destroyed
- 250 damaged
- 2,500 structures threatened (2,000 homes, 500 commercial properties)
- 5 firefighters, 20 civilians injured
- 759 firefighters assigned
- Fire threatening structures along HWY 94 from Jamul to the east and
Jamacha to the west.

Witch Creek Fire:
- 196, 420 acres burned
- 10 percent contained
- Supression costs are at $2.3 million
- Evacuation orders still in place
- 12 firefighters, two civilians injured
- 1,841 firefighters assigned
- 645 structures destroyed (500 homes, 100 commercial properties, 50
outbuildings destroyed)
- Damaged: 250 structures, 75 commercial properties, 50 outbuildings
- Fire threatens the communities of Julian and Pine Hills
- Burned: Lyons Peak

Rice Fire:
- 7,500 acres
- 15 percent contained
- Cost to fight this fire is $585,000
- 1 firefighter injured
- 500 structures destroyed
- 30 structures damaged
- De Luz and Fallbrook are evacuated, 400 structures in these areas are
- Red Flag conditions during daylight hours

Poomacha Fire:
- 25,000 acres
- 0 percent contained
- 659 firefighters assigned
- Cost to fight this fire is $350,000
- 8 injuries (all firefighters)
- 2,000 structures threatened, one destroyed
- Fire started in a structure at 3:13 a.m. Tuesday
- Fire increased in size due to extreme fire behavior, lack of resources and
high winds

Here is an interactive map.

Now for help. For people that live ouside the region the Red Cross has asked that monetary donations be made through their site.

"NEWS FROM RED CROSS: MONETARY DONATIONS: In order to provide the fastest and most effective assistance to those affectefd by the SD Wildrfires, The American Red Cross requests individuals make a monetary donation at www.sdarc.org/donate. Designate option2-San Diego/Imperial Counties Local Disaster Fund for your donation. Another option is to mail your donation to: American Red Cross, 3950 Calle Fortunada, San Diego, CA, 92123."

For helping animals I have yet to find an adress to the shelters. I think though it is pretty safe bet that any shelter will take donations of food. As soon as I get some info on where to send donations I will post it.

Most things being talked about when it comes to donations is for local residents. I will see what I can find for those of you who live out of state and want to help.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We still need them.
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My prayers are with you. My brother in law is in the army and he is leaving Friday for 21 days to help in San Diego and his sister lives there so I hope everyone and their families and pets stay safe.
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I don't know if anyone is interested in the Los Angeles area of the fire, but one of the fires here in Los Angeles county was deliberate arson. I believe it's the fire in Malibu.
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While fighting either the Witch Fire or the Harris Fire, they found electrical wires that had been brought down by the high winds. They were tentatively blaming one of those fires on the downed wires. I believe the Poomacha Fire started October 23 as a structure fire on the Lajolla Indian Reservation. (At 7:20 am California time today, the Witch fire and the Poomacha fire merged into one fire.) The Rosa Fire near Temecula was started by arson. I believe these are the only ones out of 22 or so fires that they have a clue about how they were started. Here's a link to the California Fire Incident Status Page: http://www.fire.ca.gov/
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My mom lives real close to the Santiago Canyon fires and the housing track behind her was evacuated last nite and my mom says she can see flames from her backyard so I'm real worried about them.
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Here is live streaming video from San Diego's Channel 10.
Depending on your ISP, it take a minute to load so be patient.


Vibes for all who have been affected by this tragedy.
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Sending vibes for all of those in San Diego in our community.
I have family there and I'm so worried.
Please stay safe.
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Just got off the phone with my sister. She says it no longer looks like she's in immediate danger of evacuation (Mira Mesa) because the winds have died down considerably and the humidity has gone up from 5% to nearly 18%. She still doesn't know when she can return to work because her workplace is in an evacuation area. She's thinking about volunteering at Qualcom Stadium Evacuation Center (apparently they need nurses) which is a big deal for her because she suffers from anxiety disorder. I did my duty and donated through Red Cross. My heart goes out to all of the displaced people.
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Santiago Canyon Fire is being officially declared an arson fire.
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Oh No!
There is a sicko out there.
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Many thoughts and prayers are with you all!!
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Originally Posted by KarmasMom View Post
Thank you for your vibes.

Was it back in 2003 when the Ceder Fire happened that you were living here?
No. It was back in the 70's: I don't recall the exact year, but I'd say it was probably in '73-'74

I don't blame you for being terrified: it's a horrifying thing to go through. You feel so helpless b/c there's nothing you can do but hope & pray.

It sounds like thing's are beginning to improve: how are you holding up??

Sending more prayers & vibes to everyone who's being affected.

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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post

Santiago Canyon Fire is being officially declared an arson fire.
OMG!! What kind of sick SOB would do something like that??!!

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