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Friday DT

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Huzzah! Friday is here again!

Boo-hiss! Found out today that my days are numbered at the university where I am temping. The uni has announced that it has no money, so one of the things they are doing to save a bit of cash is to freeze all recruitment and to get rid of all the temps. I hate my boss, but everyone else is lovely and it is really convenient being only 20 minutes door-to-door. At least I'll get to spend more time with my mittens

Hope everyone has a good weekend
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Jakes birthday today, managed to get him 2 games for the ps2 - hes addicted to it.
I also got him the complete second season of the sopranos - he wanted it, as its his fav show.

We are off to Fudruckers for lunch - I am not too keen on burgers but its his day, so will put up with it.

Will post more later, leaving now.

Have a great day all!

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Same old, same old, here. We have dance class, tonight. We'll be starting on the two-step. That'll be better for Bill. Its slower and easier than the country swing that we've been doing.

Have a good weekend.
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Just got home from the night shift. I forgot to bring Tylenol for my recent wisdom removal pain and so half the night I was holding my jaw in pain. The new head nurse didn't know where the extra tylenol was for staff so I couldn't get any from her . so now I'm better cause the tylenol is kicking in . haha. Now I'm having something to eat and going to bed from 9-5. Good night all.
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Nice pic Nenners!

When did you have your wisdom teeth out Tamme, I forgot! But your still in pain? How horrible, hope it goes away soon!

Pretty quiet over here. We keep getting telephone calls from a collection agency. Ever since we moved, whoever had this telephone number before us was in really bad financial problems. So we get like 2 calls every other day from them. Of course I tell them they are calling the wrong place and I'm not Mr. xxxx. Do you think they believe me???? So I tell them to call the phone company to see that I'm not lying but they don't want to waste their time!!!

I'm currently making some homemade Cinnamon Raison Bread...mmmm...I love my breadmaker!!!!!Plus, it will be warming up this weekend to a balmy -5C ...Wooohooo!!

Have a fab weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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flimflam - hope something better comes along for you!

cindy - two step is fun! i haven't been dancing in ages. i used to be able to swing. well, sort of, anyway. :tounge2: hope you have a great time!

tamme - hope you get to feeling better soon!

kassandra - we don't get collection agency calls, but we get telemarketers for the "potters" who had our number before us. when i tell them this is not their number, they say "oh well, i can to talk to you instead". it's so hard not to laugh, because i keep thinking they don't even know my name or address! we though about getting a cat or a bird and naming her mrs. potter so when we get those calls we could say "you want mrs. potter? oh well that's our bird!"

not much going on today, but it's friday! i'd like to rent a movie tonight or tomorrow night, but i'm not sure what to get. maybe i'll paint another room.
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Ohh God I am glad it's Friday...Oh so glad.
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Jan, That's perfect. Now all you have to do is teach your bird to talk--just one phrase should be sufficient. I'll leave the wording up to you.

Kellye, for someone who didn't know what to buy, it sounds as if you did a great job of chosing!

Tamme, I'm glad you're feeling better. I've had a couple of impacted wisdom teeth out, and it was no fun at all! I couldn't open my mouth for about two weeks. Yeah, I know! My husband probably thought it was a blessing!

Good luck, flimflam, and have a great time dancing, Cindy.

Kassandra, I changed my phone number for a few months, and reserved my old number. I soon went back to it when people called and INSISTED I was H &R Block, and wanted me to do their taxes. They actually argued with me. I soon took my old number back!

Auburn, I'd rather watch a movie, in case you want someone to agree with you!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'll echo Nenners and WOEII. TGIF!
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I am so excited, I am going to the Toronto Rock Lacrosse game tonight. Last night they destroyed The Ottawa Rebels and today they will blow away the Buffalo Bandits! Go Rock Go!

Looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow, mostly because I will be able to see my neice Isabella - Yeah! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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