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Will she adjust?

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So were getting ready to move into another apartment due to some issues with our current one. So of course management had to do the "walk through" to make sure there was no major damage yadda yadda. They don't know about Skye so a friend of mine offered to let me pack her and her stuff up and take her to her house to keep management from discovering her. She freaked when she got there. She didn't want me to leave her sight for a second or she walked around crying. When I would pick her up she was shaking. When my bf gave me the ok to bring her home she immediately ran to where all her stuff should have been. I rushed to bring it all back in and set it up. She ran to her food and water bowl and ate till she burped then ran to her litter box. I don't think she ate, drank or pottied all day. Is she going to act the same way when we move to our new place? What's the best way to make the move easier on her?
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I've never had that situation, but maybe she freaked because she was packed up and shipped off and sensed your stress in having to do that to her, sensing the situation for what it was? Have some blankets and things with her familiar smells available and ready in a single room when you move and let her get acclimated to one room first... if you're there and all her stuff is there and all your stuff is there when you make the move, she should be fine... I think, silly as it sounds, that she sensed the urgency in hiding her for the day and reacted to that, plus being in a whole new place with things that don't smell right and look right... Imagine being put in a box and then taken out in a brand new place with nothing that's yours... you'd freak too
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Oh poor baby! I think it will be fine because you will be there with her. We moved with two cats and they did great. Enzo ran all over the house and was so happy to have room to run. Him and Leya didn't stop for days! Leya is even blind and she did great on the move. I have faith in your little kitty! I had to leave Enzo and Leya at my parents house, 2 dogs 2 cats 3 rabbits and 3 loud people. They were upset with me leaving them and didn't do so great, but were just fine when we brought them home with us.
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