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Single poop found on kitchen floor

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Today my cat walked through the kitchen, noticed a single turd on the floor and started scratching around it. He seemed surprised to see it there.

His litterbox is in the basement -- I check it and there was poop and pee in it. Could this have just been an oops??? It happened once before (4 months ago) when he stayed at my mothers. The litterpan was in her bathroom and in the morning there was litter thrown everywhere and her bathroom rug was all crumpled up and yarn pulled out. When she went to clean it up there was a single turd in the rug. It was like he discovered it and tried really, really hard to bury it.

He is medium haired and it probably is time for a butt fur trim. I hope this is just a freak accident.
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On rare occasion mine will do this... last week he did a #2 in the box, and it's covered, well it stunk me out of the room, so in the box he must have just freaked at the smell and run out... when I left the room, I found a tiny turd neatly covered with a napkin he found on the coffee table... hasn't happened since and doesn't happen regularly... so if that's the same with you maybe something similar happened
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I bet it got stuck to his butt fur... really, really time for a trim! Poor fastidious thing is desperately trying to bury his poo--and cats are so scent oriented that it must be like suddenly finding out you're walking around naked!
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Once in awhile I'll find one of those treasures. Neither of my two have thick butt hair, but occasionally they have a "will-not" - it just will not come off in the litter box. Poor little Mika had one the other day still hanging on her little bum. She came up to me and made her little attention getting noise and I had to get some toilet paper and get it off for her.
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