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Keeping them until spring??

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I trapped mama and 3 kittens who live in my yard in mid September.
(See more detail in http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=143518)

I was planning to release them after the booster shot, which was done last week.
However, one kitten developed bronchitis. Thus no booster for her and she is now on medication.
Ever since she developed cold symptom at the end of August, she coughs often.
2 weeks ago, her cold symptom is back again.

There is no way I am releasing 3 and keeping 1 inside. That would guarantee to have sick one rejected from mama.

I was told sick cat could come back for booster when she is all better.
I think I missed the opportunity to release them, though.
They have been inside since mid September and I am not releasing them in the middle of winter!!
My husband is very unhappy to know that the insulated cat house he built is not utilized at all.
(I think he is jealous!! )

I hope I am doing the right thing. Cats seem to be comfortable in the bedroom.

Any comment or opinion is welcome!!

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I see no flaw in your reasoning for keeping them all in until the kitten is better and boostered. I'm sending that the poor kitten feels all better soon!

Let me ask you this hypothetical question: say you wait until Spring, let them go, they are okay & use the cathouse...next winter rolls around - how do you feel about them spending next "middle of" winter outside?

If you feel okay about that, then: What is the difference between this winter and next winter? Is it that they don't have winter coats? I mean, if there's a health-endangering reason like that, then you are clearly doing the right thing keeping them inside until Spring. But if not, then why not let them out as soon as everyone's healthy?

If you feel uncomfortable about that hypothetical "next winter" scenario, then I might be reading it all wrong, but it sounds to me like you just basically want to keep this little family (and nobody in his or her right mind can blame you for that!), and are struggling with the idea because of your husband's genuine problem.

If that's the real issue - and again, I'm only guessing - then gee, your husband sounds handy, building the cathouse - how about his building a nice cat door in your house? And you and he can be working on getting him something for his allergy.

Whatever it is, you are obviously thinking about the cats' welfare and that is a good thing!
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Thanks for the response!

I am not worried about cat being outside in the middle of winter next year.
The problem with this year is that when I brought them inside, it was transition from summer to fall.
Weather was pretty nice. Not too cold, not too hot.
However, within past 5 weeks, we basically transitioned in to early winter here.
That means, someone pointed out, cat lost chance to grow their winter coat.

They came inside when outside was about 65 degrees during daytime.
Now it's only 45 - 50 degrees. If I wait for 2 more weeks, it might become cooler.
That's the biggest concern.

Yeah, he blew up when he found out how much I spent on vet.
I don't blame him being upset. It was pretty expensive.
I need to cut back on my doll buying hobby.
He has been putting up with me very well, though.
I am really lucky to have him.

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Kazy, sounds like keeping them in until Spring is for their own health's sake, then. They can be out and prepared for next winter with that great cathouse your husband built. I hope he can put up with it that long, knowing that they will be out, come Spring...!
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if it has gotten really cold since they've been inside, they may not be able to adjust properly, but if you have a serious outdoor shelter, wouldn't that keep them warm enough?

honestly i think you could probably release the rest of them outside and hold onto the sick one. how old are the kittens? once the kitten is over 10-12 weeks, the mom won't really want to have anything to do with him anyway, so rejection shouldn't be a major concern (she'll reject them all if they don't move out and go on their own!)
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Kittens are 5 months old.
But they still suck mama's nipples!!

Boy kitten is especially clingy to mama. And mama takes them all.
That was the reason I decided not to separate them.

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oh my! i guess it's not the same for every mama, but many mothers will actively push their kittens away when they are past the nursing stage, but sounds liek she likes the company! anyway, they have no need to be nursing on her and could (in their) survive on their own. i say separate away! i mean, kittens are often adopted out at 9 weeks old, these fellas are 20 months

cut them apron strings, ma!
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