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Harvey could use some vibes

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Hi everybody.

I know I've been away a's been crazy the last couple months. I feel bad asking for vibes right off the bat, but my Harvey could use some of that board magic.

Harvey is my 17-year-old gray tabby. He has had asthma for several years. When I went away on a business trip in August DH got his medication dosage messed up and he had some pretty bad asthma attacks. He wasn’t eating as much and was losing weight, but that’s common for Harvey when his asthma bothers him. A few weeks later, when he still wasn’t eating well, a vet trip confirmed the weight loss, but his bloodwork was confusing...the only thing that was clearly wrong was a high white blood cell count. We started him on an antibiotic and have been following up with the vet.

Fast forward to his last vet trip on Saturday…he was down another pound, for at total loss of about three pounds in two months. His bloodwork is still unclear (and his WBC is still high), but they now have a tentative diagnosis of either an inflammatory bowel condition or he has a lymphoma in his intestines. The only way to know for sure is to do a biopsy, but we all agree that given his age it would be unduly hard on him. The only difference in treatment for the two conditions would be that they would do chemotherapy for a lymphoma, but I just can’t see putting a 17-year-old cat through chemo. I would hate for him to spend his final days feeling sick and tortured.

We’ve started him on a steroid, which they would do for either condition, and which will hopefully make him feel better and stop losing weight. We’re trying another antibiotic, too.

We could use any vibes and prayers anyone can spare that this isn’t cancer and we’ll be able to make him feel better and be with us for a while longer...or, if it's his time, to help us to let go. Thanks, everyone!
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Sending lots of Hoping that Harvey is feeling better soon and you have lots more time together.
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Many vibes for Harvey Tari, and Hugs for you!
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Harvey is in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love to both of you.
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and prayers for Harvey. I hope his new meds will do the trick.
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Poor Harvey. I hope that he gets better soon.
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Awww poor boy Sending many healthy vibes for him
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Damita's on steroids, long term. At first, she acted weird, but she settled down after a week or two.
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Poor Harvey! Lots and lots of vibes for him and you both! I know it's hard for all of you but I know that whichever way it goes it will be best for you all! Enjoy you time with him wether it be a little while or many more years!
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Harvey is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it's treatable with steriods and he still enjoys a wonderful quality of life with you. He's a gorgeous boy. I'm sorry your going through this and I hope things get better for you and Harley.
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i hope that everything goes well for him
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Praying!!!!!! Poor guy and you.
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Many healing vibes coming to Harvey and to your family... may the right thing happen for all of you.
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Vibes to you, Harvey, please feel better soon!
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Oh Tari, Im so sorry to hear this....... sending so many vibes to Harvey
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Thanks, everybody. It means a lot to have people who understand what we're going through and don't give you the "it's just a cat" look.

The steroids already seem to be helping him feel better. Both DH and I came to the conclusion last night that his eyes seem brighter and he seems to have more energy. He's also eating more.

On the down side, my stepson is pretty upset about the decision to not put Harvey through surgery or chemotherapy. Harvey was his cat since he was very young...he got him when he was 5 and lived with his mother and we took Harvey when my stepson came to live with us at age 15. He feels like if it's cancer we should fight it and prolong Harvey's life as long as we can.
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I hope you can help your stepson understand that, past a certain point, all the efforts to keep the cat alive are for the humans, not the cat. I know you'll do what's best for Harvey.
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Oh, that's such a fine point for a kid to understand... it's going to be hard for him, I'm sure. Wrapping him into the vibes, as well...
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Oh Tari- I'm sending all the vibes & prayers in the world to you & Harvey
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Poor Harvey. Senidng vibes to you all.

Is this your stepson's only pet?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Is this your stepson's only pet?
No, it's not. My stepson is 22 years old, and he's away at college in Boston. When he's at home he lives with his mother and her husband. His mother has several cats, including some that have been part of his life almost as long as Harvey has. (She was able to keep some of her cats when she left, and had to find new homes for others. It turned out to be a good thing for Harvey, because he's blossomed in a house with fewer cats.) She's had two of her older cats that have died in the last few years. So it's not that he hasn't gone through this before. He's just especially fond of Harvey. (Harvey even writes him letters when he's away at school ) I understand his's a difficult decision for me to make, too, but Harvey's well-being has to be the foremost consideration here, not the humans' desire to keep him with us.

His mother has talked with him, and she's in total support of me and my decision here, so that definitely helps. (I'm VERY fortunate that my husband's ex is a great person and a fellow animal lover.) I'm sure he'll come around and understand that we're trying to do what's best for Harvey.
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