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eye health

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Does anyone know or have any thoughts about this product: PetAlive Eye-Heal ??? My cat has an eye-thing in one eye. I have a good vet, and they've ruled out eye herpe. It's just an eye that can be prone to infection (so I watch it). We've treated with all kinds of meds. Literally tried 'em all, and though it clears up for awhile, maybe, it always comes back. At it's worst, there is clearly red irritation (pink-eye-esque) and that we can get cleared up with eye meds. But saw this product and wondered if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks.
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If it doesn't come from a vet, I wouldn't use it. There are too many eye diseases that, using the wrong med on their eyes, can cause more harm than good. Have you considered getting a second opinion or seeing a feline opthalmologist? (I hope I spelled that right!)
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How did your vet rule out herpes? What you're describing is typical of a recurring herpes infection.
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If it's not herpes virus, what about chlamydiosis or mycoplasmas? One of these bacteria might be causing the infection - have you used Terremycin as a topical on the eye? I guess another possibility could be allergies, but I would think it unlikely. I agree with taterbug in that it might be helpful to see a veterinary opthamologist. The only thing I might use on the eye OTC is saline drops, but this only flushes the eye, it will not clear up the infection. Best of luck to you and your kitty
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Enzo gets that too sometimes. Usually it clears up in a couple of days, but I've had to get meds for him twice in the last year. I am very weary of using anything medical wise from anywhere but the vet. Especially something as important as their eyes. I saw a thread on here about someone using store bought flea meds, it turned out horrible and their cat lost hair on it's neck where the med was placed
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