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Busy day tomorrow!

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I'm excited!!! TWO yes count 'em TWO interviews tomorrow.

One is in person for a project management position, the other is a phone interview for an information security position.

I did apply at a couple of places today, Anne Taylor, Pottery Barn and William-Sonoma. Anne Taylor gives and awesome discount to their employees!!! So I'm considering them...but that means I'll spend all my money on their clothes. PB is having a group interview tonight so I'll probably go to that and check it out for a weekend job.

I'm hoping tomorrow turns into a GREAT day

Now B just needs to get some calls and we'll be rocking!
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That the interviews all go well!!!
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I hope you get tons of offers!
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That is good news. Fingers and paws are crossed here for you.
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Yay! Hopefully your interviews go good for you
For you to get one of the jobs you wanted!
Any employer would be lucky to hire you
Update us all on whats going on with your jobs!
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