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Breed says the kitten is TICA registered but I can't find them listed

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As you may know my Pasha passed away last week. I miss him so much. My husband thinks we should get another flamepoint ragdoll right away. We came across an ad on for a registerd flame point male that is 12 weeks old. I called to speak to the breeder. They are telling me that the kitten is registerable. I asked what their cattery name is and they told me that right now their web site is down. I went ahead and checked on TICA's web site for breeders in Ohio and they are not listed. So my question is this. Can a cat be registered with TICA but not have the breeder listed? I just don't want to get burned as I have had enough heartbreak.
The breeder of Pasha has told me that she will be willing to give us another kitten when her cat has a new litter. This won't be for quite awhile. She will more than likely not have any flame points. I know I want to have two ragdolls this time. That is why we even did a search on line for one.
Any help would be appreciated.
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I would call TICA and ask them.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I would call TICA and ask them.
they could just be updating the TICA database or something - you never know

But a cat that is not TICA registered wouldn't break my heart (as long as I didn't pay a registered type price)
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I think you are right to be cautious.

I am not sure if the kitten can be registered with TICA without the breeder actually being listed. I honestly have no idea. I am sure someone here will be able to answer that question.

If you don't mind me asking, how much are they charging for the kitten?

If it is to low, for me sometimes that can be a red flag... unless it's a retired breeder or an older kitten that just hasn't been adopted yet. 12 weeks doesn't fall into that catagory.

Are you able to meet with the breeder in person?

I think you are doing the right thing by being careful and asking questions. I hope it will all work out.

I also think it's wonderful that Pasha's breeder offered to give you another kitten from a future litter.
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TICA has two lists.

The first being registered cattery names. The listing is in alphabetical order and only lists the name nothing else.

The second is the breeders list. Only breeders that sign TICAs code of ethics is listed there. There are many TICA registered catterys that are not listed there (including mine).

Good luck on your hunt for the red boy. We just sent a red mitted boy to his new home yesterday and a red bicolor boy goes Friday. I really love the reds.
What seems strange to me is that they wouldn't give you their cattery name. Red Flag for me.
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You could contact TICA directly and explain the situation and see if they are willing to check their records for this cattery. Its possible for the breeder to be registered and not be listed. I know several breeders in ACFA who are registered but not listed in the associations breed directory.

I'd have a little yellow flag caution here - something doesn't sound right. You might want to check other breeders.
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Thanks all for the replies. The cattery name is Catus Green. The flame ragdoll is 12 weeks and the breeder said because he has just had another litter with one of his other females he has lowered this kitten to $450.00. I am able to go to his home and see the mother and father. The kitten looks so very much like my Pasha. He said he would be that price for pet but more for breeding rights which I am not interested in doing. He has paypal but would prefer cash as pay pal charges a fee.
He would like a deposit of $100.00. I can't go to see him this weekend as we have Trick-or-treating. So I think I will just tell him that if he sells him before next week to just let me know. I will have to wait till next weekend. You are right. Papers are not going to mean much to me as I will not be showing or breeding. However, I want to be sure I am getting a Ragdoll for that price.
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I'm not familiar with that cattery.

The question I have is did he register the litter? It only costs $10.00 for a breeder to do so.

Although, the papers may not be important to you. It is your assurance that you have a purebred ragdoll.

$450.00 is rather low. He may have an excess of available cats right now.
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Find out if the parents of this kitten are registered. Also you can ask who their vet it and ask the vet for a reference.
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I don't see any signs of any cats under that cattery name. Which tells me he doesn't even show his cats. Even if the website is down, a good breeder will have his cats/cattery show up in a search.

You may be buying into a backyard breeder who got Ragdolls and never spayed/neutered them. I don't like his "excuses". If he can't prove the parents are registered and show you a pedigree, then you'd be better to skip this breeder and find someone more honest.

Do you know if the $450 includes the kitten being spayed/neutered? Its still a low price for a 3 month old kitten. Most pedigrees now will average $600 for pet prices. And most purebred breeders hang onto the kittens till 4 months old unless they know that the 3 month old is a pet quality cat.
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The cattery name is Catus Green
As of the last update, that cattery name is not registered with TICA.
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Yep, that list looks good to me. My breeder didn't have a web site, but she's on that list. and I have a blue slip and all that for Smudge.
post #13 of 18 was my red flag not to deal with that breeder. If you are interested in a good quality breeder, go to shows, or contact a cat club, network on yahoo lists for good breeders that show and breed the right way. If a good breeder doesn't matter than go the rescue route, look on petfinder. com.
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Hooblys not a bad site but you DO have to be carefull and as with any place do your research. IMO
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I have to agree with everyone else to exercise caution here. I'm hearing a lot of people say that papers don't matter to them because they don't want to show or breed, but papers are important because they show that the cat is actually a registered pure bred and that the breeder is registering the cats with a reputable organisation. It doesn't guarantee a good breeder, but it's a start.

If there are any alarm bells ringing, I'd walk away from this breeder and find another one.
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This is kind of changing the subject a bit, but didn't Pasha die of a very contagious illness? If so, you might not want to get a new kitten right away. You might want to ask a vet about it first. I know when I was a child, my mother couldn't get a new kitty after this one cat we adopted had the feline type of distemper. The Vet told us we'd have to wait a certain amount of time, plus disinfect the entire house. You might want to wait before you adopt a kitten.
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Yes, I spoke with the vet. He said that certainly do a good cleaning and disinfect but that when a cat has FIP they are not shedding the virus. He said to go ahead and disinfect the litter box but I just threw the whole thing out. Don't want to take a chance. I spoke with someone here at this site that also had a cat die from this. She had two other cats at the time an two weeks later adopted a kitten. This was several years ago and all is fine with her cat family.
I have decide not to adopt this male flame as I can't find the breeder listed anywhere. I emailed with my concerns and never got an email back. Not sure what that means.
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IMO that means the "breeder" was not a good one! Hope you find the perfect kitty - now you know what to really look for in a good breeder
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