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Bullying - advice needed!

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Hello! Two months ago, I moved in with the friend and we both brought our own cats to stay with us. We thought the transition would go smoothly because my cat, a four year old Himalayan mix, is very sweet and laid back and gets along with all of the other cats he's ever been around. However my roommate didn't tell me that her three year old orange tabby persistently bullied the other cats he used to live with. Now, my cat, Shadow, is being hounded by hers and we can't figure out a way to get her cat, Vash, to stop.

Both cats are neutered and Shadow won't really fight back, mostly he just tries to flee. Vash has definitely asserted all the dominance over Shadow he can, short of actually mounting him so there's really no reason for him to keep up this display. Now Shadow won't leave my bedroom, because though we have tried shutting Vash in my room mate's room when we can't supervise, the second Vash sees Shadow, regardless of where they are or who's around, Vash attacks him. I'm worried about permanent injury as most of Shadow's deep wounds are centered on his face.

Is there any advice you can give me to help fix Vash's behavior problem?
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If your cat is actually being injured that is not good at all. Some cats have a very deep-rooted territorial instinct and will protect their territory without mercy, and can't share space with another cat, unfortunately it sounds as if your friends cat is one of those. It can't be a happy situation for any of you. Is this a long term living arrangement, or do you have plans to move elsewhere?
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We'll be going our separate ways when our lease runs out in August, I think. That's such a long time for Shadow to be cooped up in one room. It worries me.
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Geronimo is the "bully" of the domain in our household - especially against Gabriel: poor Gabriel just cringes whenever he sees Geronimo come near him(not that I blame the poor guy! .). He sometimes bullies the other cats too, although not quite as badly b/c they usually don't sit there and take it like Gabriel does. I've tried everything to get Geronimo to stop his behavior: squirting him w/ water, "time-outs" in a separate room, etc. Nothing seems to work, although his bullying has eased up a little, and if he sees me coming w/ the water pistol, he usually knocks it off. I always worry about what goes on when I'm not at home to stop it..

I wish I had some advice to give, but I don't. I've never had too many problems w/ bully cats - that is, till Geronimo came along.. Try the water pistol trick - maybe it'll work. But be careful where you aim it; you don't want to get the water in his eyes, ears, or nose...

Good luck!

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Yes, I would love some help too. I have a sister and brother frm the same litter and today I came home and she would not come out and when I finally coaxed her out she ate and hid. I am furious at Finn because he is tormenting her. He did it tonight in front of me. She used to give as much as she got but now I am thinking I need a separate litter box and to keep them separated while I am gone.

I am not sure I have not caused some of this by getting in the way of him being an alpha male when I am around.
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Sweet shy cats can be like the nerd in the gym; assertive cats can't help but provoke a reaction from them, especially if they feel they are being ignored.

This sounds much worse than that, though, if your cat is getting injured. Under the circumstances, I'd just let the cat stay in your bedroom. It's certainly safer, and less stressful, than letting the cat have the run of the house and then getting hurt.

After all, would you like the run of a mansion... that has a monster roaming the halls? Or would you rather stay in the nice, safe, little guesthouse?

The cat won't feel deprived. The cat will be relieved.
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