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do you tell your nonTCS friends about your TCS friends?

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Hissy's bitterweet thread inspired me to start this thread. It got me to wondering, do you talk about your cat site friends with your "live" friends?

I often find myself saying a friend said this or I have a friend going through a rough time. I am sure my husband thinks I am a little strange when I say "you won't believe what Bunn did today!" or "Kassandra, you know, the one who goes by Russian Blue, put the funniest picture of Nakita on the board today" or "Bundy from Australia siad..." or "Kiwi, you know who I mean -- Kellye from NZ who lives in NC but wants to move back..." I could go on, because he has probably heard about all of you.

I haven't really mentioned names to most of my nonTCS friends because I am sure they will think I'm off my rocker.
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Sometimes I share some things that I read here with my son. He thinks it's good that I found a board where everyone else is as crazy about cats as I am. At work we had a person who was always going to porn sites and meeting people there. This person was always sharing with people at work about this and it really turned everyone off to discussions about the internet.
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I do. I don't consider my friends here as part of a "make believe" world. I worry when they're having problems and pray for them when they ask for prayer. I am very fond of many of my friends, and hope that we can meet someday. I feel as close to them as I do to people I have seen in person, and often tell my family about them.
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I think I talk more about the people here then I do about anyone else I know except for my neice of course. I tell all my friends and family about my TCS family, because I do consider this to be a family. It has it quirks and you always don't have everyone agreeing or getting along, but everyone here is like family to me! I don't know what I would do without this support here! So thank you everyone for being the wonderful giving people you are!

I think my mom thinks I am nuts when I relate stories about Bundy, or Debby, or Bod, or Hissy or ..... I know the hubby thinks this is an addiction, but he has enjoyed chatting with Bundy on MSN.
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a horse board, I had made about 8 really good cyber-friends. So a few years ago, mike and I decided to gamble and opened up our home for a weekend gathering of these people, who I only knew online. Many of them lived in Washington state, and one couple rides their horses across the United States. I was nervous, but shouldn't have been. They all came, and we just had a wonderful time. We talked and laughed like we had known each other forever. They all stayed the weekend, and we remained in touch for awhile after that but after 9/11 things changed and some moved away, and some moved on in life. But it was still an experience I will never forget.

I know that this life is not a real life, but there are times when it feels real to me. Probably because it is right here in my living room every time I turn my computer on, and I get swept up in the drama of everyone's problems. I worry about those with sick cats, I have my Cornell Book of Cat Care by my computer at all times to refer to with tough questions, and I have even gone to far as to find the phone numbers of people hurting, or whose cats are sick and try to cheer them or help them.

My husband knows all about several people who I consider my real friends though we've not yet met, he knows of others who used to be on the boards and are no longer. I've had the pleasure of finding some special people here, and I am in business now with Anne, so how much more real can you get?
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Yup, and I think hubby gets sick of hearing about TCS sometimes. Of course, I also make him go and look at the especially cute kitty pics.
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I hope no one thought I didn't think you were real friends. I consider any of you as real as my friends I get to see in person. I count myself as very lucky to have found all of you. I am hoping when I get internet at home, I can introduce you to my husband. He doesn't get it because he hasn't been here. I miss everyone on the weekends and wonder how you are all doing when I can't get here.
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Jan, I completely understand. I consider people here as my real friends too. I knew that you mean your "in person" friends. In all actuality, I think you guys all know me as well or better than most people I know in person. I know I feel more comfortable bearing my soul and talking about my problems here than with most of my "in person" friends.

It's funny, though, because I never understood how or why my hubby would spend so much time on the computer talking with people he had never met. I used to really rag on him about it, and look at me now! LOL At least I know that he understands how I can consider all of you my friends. Actually, I think we talk about our cyber friends more than people we know here.
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Not having very many actual friends (about 5 people who I would call friends and lots of acquaintences), and not being the kind of person who makes friends that easily, I really value my buddies on this site.

It's very strange, because I can talk about how I feel without feeling as if I'm being judged, patronized or pitied - again not something I really do in a face-to-face situation or even on the phone.

I don't belong to any other boards - I've tried a couple but they don't have the same feeling as here - here there is genuine warmth and camaraderie.

I'd love to think I would meet some of you at some point - but the reality is most are in the US/Canada or Aus, and I'm terrified of flying (although I do do it soometimes), so it's probably unlikely.

Anyway - enough gushing, back to the point. I don't really talk about the site because most people I know consider this type of activity a total waste of time.

Their loss I say!!
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I often times forget that people don't understand me when I'm talking about TCS. Just the other day I was telling Shawn, my SO, about something I read on TCS and he couldn't understand that I was saying. I said something like "My friend Furbooger from Hoban ...." (example name)and he said "You don't know that person.." I begged to differ!Just because you have never met someone in person it doesn't mean that your not a friend and you don't know them. That really irritated me that he said that! I've had more fun and met more people on this site than I would going out and face to face meeting people! I'm so hooked into it! This is actually the first forum that I've ever been in. When I came here, I didn't know what a smilie was or an avatar. I had know idea what the difference between a post and a thread was! LOL I've learned so much from everyone, not just computer stuff either. I learned that there are a lot of really compassionate caring people out there. People that think like I do and love the things I love.
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Rob knows everything about all of you!!!!


I wouldn't dare tell some of my friends since they believe that everyone on the internet is an axe murderer. But Rob and Nakita know all too well my obsession with this site!

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I'm always telling my friends/family about you guys! And I have to show Mike all the funny and cute pictures.
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I tell Bill about stuff, on this site. He doesn't, always, quite know what I'm talking about. If there's a really cute picture, I'll drag him in here to see it.

Due to my divorce, I found out who my REAL friends are. Betty died, in October and Katey lives 70 miles away. This site gives me a place to unload, safely.
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I tell my friends about you guys, too. Funny things I see here I pass on to them, and vice versa (the What We Love about Kids post was from my best work-friend). I also often find myself saying things like "Heidi from the site posted something funny...Bundy's being threatened by the wildfires (after a work friend brought it up at lunch)". Everyone knows what I mean about "the site". So many of my face-to-face friends are people that I met during graduate school or through work, and I haven't had a chance to meet and become friends with many non-scientists. That's what's so great about this place-I've made friends of different backgrounds and homeplaces. And it's a safe haven for someone who deep down is shy and reserved (believe it or not!)
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talk about you guys ALL the time!!!! I think my friends get tired of me saying, "Well so and so on the cat site said....etc...etc..." I feel very close to many of you here and it doesn't matter that I have not actaully met you in person!!!!

And Nenners...I know how you feel about what your SO said about not really knowing us....it made me so mad one time when a whole bunch of the people on here sent me baby gifts when I was pregnant, and it meant so MUCH to me, and made me so happy and I was just going on and on about it to my hubby and he says...."you don't even really know these people....just because they say they are who they are means nothing...they could be old perverted men or serial killers for all you know!!!" I wanted to punch him in the nose!!! I DO know my friends here, and I know what kind of people they really are, regardless of having actually met face to face!

I love you guys!!!!!

There are several of you who I think are closer to me and actually know me better than some of the friends I have OFF the internet!!
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I am the mother of four with my two young siblings that makes six and I go to school full time so my husband hears about this site daily. Hes very understanding though and keeps the eye rolling to a minimum.
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I am always talking about this site and all the great people that are on here. This is my home away from home...I've grown to love this place so much! There hasn't been one day since I joined that I have not visited this site...I'm addicted!
"Hello. My name is Michelle and I'm addicted to The Cat Site!" LOL!!
Even though I have not met any of you in person, I feel very close to many people on here. I too have had to find out who my true friends were and now I have a very small group of friends...and now you all have entered my group of friends. Thank you all for being here for me when I needed help...I appreciate everything so much!
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We love you too Shell! And I'm so glad you are addicted!!! So am I!!!! I think we should have catsite anonymous meetings! :LOL:

Raises hand....I am Debby and I too am addicted to The CatSite!!!
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I think talking to everyone about what goes on here to people who "just don't understand" makes us all addicts! LOL And I think we do have TCS Anonymous....we meet here everyday!
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You mean TCS UN-anonymous? We seem to know each other that we are hardly anonymous these days!
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I mostly tell my s/o about people here. I do occasionally mention TCS to other friends, but I don't go into detail. I don't think they'd understand how great it is, or that I can really trust everyone--although BuNN and his kitty army are kind of questionable.
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yea we would be hauled off to the psychiatric ward if we started telling our offline friends about Bunn and the kitty army, they would think we were delusional!
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Well, I have had the good fortune of meeting 3 of my friends from this site in person: Colby (Airprincess, Sandie, and Ken. This site is only unreal if you are here under some sort of false personna, which I think most of us aren't. I don't even bother saying "a friend on the internet" anymore. I just say "a friend of mine". I am still hoping that someday we can plan a big TCS convention.
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Oooo..that would be SO much fun! But I've only got one request...please pick a WARM location!! This Nebraska weather is killing me! Barely 0 degrees is WAYYYYYYY too cold!!
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It's 31 Celcius (87.8 F) here in Sydney at the moment, is that warm enough?
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I am just so jealous Deb!!! You got to meet some of the wonderful people here and I haven't! But...my time is coming!!!! I just know I will meet some of you very soon!
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A convention sounds like fun! ha ha. We could all bring our cats and have tea and catnip! LOL
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My SO is aware fo all of you. Although I do not share everything....I do tell him about some of the stories. As for telling my friends, I have, to a few. And sometimes I wish I hadn't.... I would rather keep TCS to myself ( for selfish reasons....) I come here and pour out feelings I keep inside that I would never share when I am face to face with others. There is just sooooo much that everyone of you knows that my own neighbor will never know. I guess, deep down, my fear is that if I talk about this to everyone, and word gets around to people I don't particularily care for. I'm afraid of not wanting to post my personal thoughts here anymore etc.... I don't know if I am making any sense here.

You guys are all special to me. I've turned to you for comfort, advice, support etc..... I'm not sure if I'm ready to share all of this with someone I work with, or may bump into tomorrow. This is my safe haven. I'm being selfish in wanting to keep it for myself.

I guess the solution for me would be to quit posting personal things and stick to cat related subjects but, I can't. Not yet anyways. I am enjoying having everyone's opinions on different subjects. I have been able to make a more logical decision before speaking many times! When I have felt like a failure...you gave me advice and made me realise there are many options to any problem.

I guess I just want to remain selfish for a while longer....hope you guys don't mind, but I'd rather keep you all to myself!!!!
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What I like best about this board is that the topics range from silly to serious, to cat-related, to not. I have belonged to other boards in the past that would not allow anything "off topic" discussed. As much as I love cats, I do not want to talk about them all the time,maybe only half the time! LOL

I have *met* so many of you in emails and PM's that I feel very close to all of you. I feel very fortunate to have found this place for so many different reasons, and believe it or not, in real life, I am tongue-tied, shy and awkward with people.
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Forgive me for gushing, It is late 3.10am and I have had 3 hours sleep in the last 36 hours and so may be a bit waffly!

Just the simple fact that we do talk about each other to our partners, relatives, friends and workmates seems to me to show just how real our cyber family is here!! I am always showing Peter (Partner) and Jimmy (Brother) funny posts and pictures!! I know that Peter still wonders if I am insane or not or whether I spend to much time here but knows how much I love it and how much you all mean to me! My Brother just loves the photos and the wacky threads like BuNN's attempt at world domination etc!

I have now met Louise (Purringpanther) and her partner Lee (and their furbabies of course) and Today at the Cat show we went to at Sutherland (NSW) we met Naomi (Manomi) and her Partner! And I feel just as comfortable meeting them in person as I have been speaking to them on line! At least they already new what they were in for hehehe!!! Louise and Naomi are fantastic people and I am so happy I got the opportunity to meet with them! How I wish I could meet all of you!!! Louise and Lee I consider to be really good friends in person now as well and both Peter and my brother do also! ! I am hoping to get to know Naomi in the future also! and already know she is just gorgeous and lovely!

I am so grateful that you all put up with my weird sense of humour and silliness! With out you guys this last year would have been so totally unbearable! THANK YOU!!! I am also amazed to see that I get mentioned LOL!!!

I really feel I have made a special connection with many of you! (You know who you all are!) and also have been amazed at the kindness and support I have felt from you all! I am also astounded at how much I care about your day to day lives, your ups and downs, you furbabies, and that this impacts greatly in my world! I worry about current problems you may have, I rejoice at your accomplishments, I fall about laughing at your humour, I cry with you, I grieve for your loses, I am over joyed when something good happens, I am proud of each and everyone of you for being the remarkable people you all are and so lucky to have found you!

If anyone says I am living in a fantasy world I always like to remind them that this is like having lot's of Pen Pals all over the world! No one ever though that was a strange thing to do LOL!!!

Anyway I have taken up to much room and only scraped the surface of what I would love to say! So in my short (yet blabber mouth record) stay you are a part of my family and my life and I thank you!
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